Finding a private ski instructor might seem a little daunting, but thanks to the internet it couldn’t be simpler. Regardless of where you take your skiing lessons, consistent practice will be your key to success.

The quickest way to learn how to ski is to take lessons. There are many great ski schools, such as J.Moga ski school, that offer one-day tutorials, weekly sessions, or full out lessons that can last an entire ski season as you can see from their website –

The first thing you will likely learn during your ski lessons is that getting the proper equipment is crucial to learning how to ski properly. For example, if you have boots or skis that do not fit properly, you will spend more of your lesson making adjustments to your clothing than you will spend learning about how to ski.

Your boots should be snug but comfortable with hardly any movement inside them. It is important that your toes not touch the front of your ski boots when you bend at the knees. If they do, you will need larger boots.

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Once everything is fitted properly, it is time to put on your skis. It is important to find a flat area to avoid having your ski equipment slide down the hill. Holding yourself in place by digging your ski poles into the snow, snap one ski boot at a time into the bindings on your skis. This will now attach you to your skis.

You can use your ski poles for stability, to turn around, or move forward. Assume the basic ski posture by bending your knees so that your shins touch the front of your ski boots. Lean forward slightly. Place your hands through the pole straps. This is the basic ski position.

Keeping your skis parallel, point them away from one another and gently push forward one ski at a time, using your poles. Be sure to bend your knees and lean forward a little. This herringbone technique is an easy one to master. You can also climb hills with this technique. To stop sliding backwards, spread the tips of your skis apart. If you are comfortable with this basic movement, it is time to find a bunny hill and give your newfound skiing skills a try!

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