Face Mask

Can using a mask help you avoid the virus

With the increasing number of reported corona virus cases and deaths more and more people are beginning to ask this question. According to guidelines posted by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first line of personal virus protection is to steer clear of close communal contact and crowded environments when feasible. But they additionally indicate that pandemic masks might reduce risk if it’s impracticable to stay away from crowds or those who are already infected, particularly if you are going to be present in restricted or crowded areas such as jet planes, buses, or trains. Most significantly, the amount of protection achieved depends on what type of mask you pick out, how well you wear it, what kind of setting you’re in as well as how willing you are to utilize it.

When choosing a mask you will soon find that all masks are not created equal. But, to simplify things, there are basically two kinds of virus face masks. First are the loose-fitting medical masks made of soft, thin cloth that sell for a small amount, and after that are the form-fitting masks, also known as N95 masks, made of spun plastic fibers that filter tiny particles.

The surgical masks are typically used to shield others from the spray of the wearer’s cough. The respirators are designed to filter 95 percent of tiny particles, including coronaviruses. To prevent the breathing of nearly all virus-bearing droplets from a cough or sneeze, masks and respirators ought to be labeled N-95 or higher, which means they have been cleared by the FDA. They might also bear a label from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Drug Addiction | Substance Abuse

Drug abuse is a term pertaining to the excessive and repeated use of chemical substance to achieve a certain effect. Drug addiction starts from the illicit drugs, also known as street drugs, that are sold illegally by drug dealers with their only reason is to profit and as business. There are also drug addictions that are related to medicine, some are prescribed with doctor’s consent but are taken differently by the patient. This is where drug abuse comes in.

The meaning of drug abuse is a moral weakness of a person’s ability to decide what to do and what not to do. This moral weakness starts from the brain where the urge for using a certain substance changes the process of the brain, until the pulse inside of the person’s brain which triggers the use of the drug becomes stronger until it becomes intolerable.

Most drug addiction cases are between the ages of 15 to 35 years of age, with both males and females affected in equal numbers. The increase of drug addiction cases has increased in the US, where it has become a major problem both in teens and adults.

Prescription drug abuse is just as dangerous as street drugs addiction. Although prescribed medicines or drugs are medically beneficial, the users are the ones who are in control in how they use it. Prescription drugs like vicodin and valium are used medically to ease chronic pain and treat anxiety but the problem starts when these medicines are taken differently or excessively. Prescription drugs are easily accessible which is why they to must be taken seriously when it comes to substance abuse.

Street drug addiction is the most popular type of drug abuse. These are drugs that are sold without prescription and, even worse, these types of drugs are popular both in teens and adults. It doesn’t matter what kind; as long as you can pay street dealers can provide you with anything you need. Common drugs are meth, heroin and cocaine, all of which have become a widespread market covering all parts of United States of America, including Connecticut. Drug dealers, as the police call them, are now being hunted by the FBI to stop the roots of drug trafficking. It is obvious to many that drug trafficking is one of the major problems in America.

The result of substance abuse in a person’s life is devastating. A family with a drug addict member tends to suffer emotional, mental and physical problems. A drug addict can create tense emotions that can be a start of uncontrollable anger resulting from injuries of his/her member of the family. Mental problems happen when the drug abuser tends to do crazy things, hallucinating and also inflicting pain to his or her family members. In short, drug abuse destroys the foundation of a family.

Drug addiction doesn’t have to be the end of the world for a person who has accepted the fact that they are a drug addict. There are Connecticut detox programs that can help stop slowly the urge and hunger of the person in drugs through detox addiction treatment. The family plays a big role in a patient’s life when it comes to rehabilitation. The love and support of the family is the greatest help any drug abuser can have. There are also professional doctors, counselors and psychologists on hand to provide guidance and advice through all stage of the drug rehab program.

Why Psychotherapy?

How many “WHY” do we ask ourselves every day?

And to how many “WHY” do we have an answer?

We often do not have the time – the energy – or the necessary support to answer these questions.

Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to explore these questions with the help of an unbiased and non-judgemental therapist NYC that does not know you and is willing to explore with you the paths that lead to the answer you are looking for.

In the psychotherapy world it is often said that the therapist ‘holds a mirror’ and helps clients to see part of themselves that they are not aware.

This cannot be done with your friend, spouse, partner or family member. They might know you very well but they will never be YOU.

Psychotherapy is process that allows you to take full responsibility for your choices and decisions – to gain control of that part of yourself that you did not know before.

Most importantly, psychotherapy helps you to explore and reconnect you with your feelings as they are the voices of both your body and soul.

Listening to your true feelings will help you make better decisions and to discover the inner treasures you were not aware of.

Psychotherapy is the journey of transformation of the WHY into the WHERE and HOW.

Vitamin D Deficiency And Illness

While there is continued controversy among medical professionals over how much Vitamin D a person needs, one thing is clear getting an adequate amount is extremely important to your health.

Because it helps the body to absorb calcium, scientists and doctors have long been aware that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone disorders like rickets. Over the past decade, research has suggested that Vitamin D plays a bigger role in the prevention of illness and disease than was once thought. Vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to a surprising number of serious health conditions, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and over a dozen forms of cancer. Lack of Vitamin D can contribute to problems like infertility, obesity, and depression. Individuals who aren’t getting enough Vitamin D may experience troublesome symptoms such as high blood pressure, muscle aches, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain.

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin at all; it’s a compound your body either ingests or synthesizes from the sun. It acts as a hormone to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphorous in the blood, and is important for calcium absorption. The body stores several forms of the compound, but in humans, vitamins D2 and D3 are the most important. It should be noted that in synthetic or supplement form, D2 and D3 are not interchangeable. Vitamin D3 is the compound form your body creates when exposed to sunlight, and your body converts it about 500 percent faster than it does Vitamin D2. The Vitamin D Council recommends that if you decide to take an oral Vitamin D supplement, choose Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2.

The current recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D, as set by the Institute of Medicine, is 600 IU daily for most adults. Those that are vitamin D deficient should take 1,000 IU daily, or 8,400 IU of Vitamin D3 weekly. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatricians) recommends that infants and children have 400 IU of Vitamin D3 a day. Although the body can make its own Vitamin D from the sun, there is a safety concern and cancer risk with too much sun exposure. Sunscreen is important for reducing these risks, but also inhibits the production of Vitamin D from sunlight. For this reason, many people choose to get their Vitamin D from diet and supplements.

For children and those who have trouble swallowing pills, consider a liquid D3 supplement such as Liquid Health™ Vitamin D3. This supplement contains premium D3 based in pure aloe vera juice, with a dropper for easy dosing. Each milliliter of liquid contains 1000 IU of Vitamin D3.

With the current research and data available on the link between Vitamin D deficiency and serious illnesses, it appears Vitamin D3 may be one of our most useful assets for improving overall health. Doctors are constantly finding out more about this amazing compound and its role in preventing modern health conditions. Take a daily Vitamin D3 supplement to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount. If you’re experiencing symptoms consistent with a Vitamin D deficiency, make sure to consult with a doctor and get tested.

Chlamydia Symptoms, Complications And Treatment

If you are a sexually active man or woman, there is need to get tested for Chlamydia. Like other common STIs, the lack of symptoms does not necessarily mean that you do not have Chlamydia as some people do not notice any symptoms and thus, you should regularly go for Chlamydia testing as long as you are sexually active. The condition is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Chlamydia can be passed from one infected person to another through anal, vaginal and oral sex. The best way to protect yourself is to practice safe sex.

What are the Symptoms of Chlamydia

If you are worried about Chlamydia or you have had unprotected sex, you should get tested. You should note that about 50-percent of men and 70-percent of women do not experience symptoms and when they occur, they can be easily mistaken for other STDs. In cases where the symptoms occur, they usually appear after one week from the time a person engaged in unprotected sex but the Chlamydia symptoms can also take up to three weeks to show.

Chlamydia Testing and Treatment

Anyone who is sexually active can get Chlamydia but the risk of infection is high among young people. In fact, experts recommend that sexually active women below the ages of 25 should go for Chlamydia testing at least once annually as explained on Mylabbox.

Like any other STD, Chlamydia can lead to complications if it is not detected and treated early. If the condition is not treated early enough, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease affecting the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes in women. The advanced cases of Chlamydia can cause infertility in women. In men, the condition can cause epididymitis, urethritis and reactive arthritis. Chlamydia testing and treatment is easy and straightforward. It can be done using urine or a swab. If the test comes out positive, the condition is treated with antibiotics.

In order to get the actual result, you should only test Chlamydia using the first catch urine. You should also not urinate for at least two hours before providing the sample. Women should also not cleanse the labial area before proving the specimen. You should be careful when giving the urine to avoid diluting the sample. If the test comes out positive, you should avoid sex until the infection is treated to avoid spreading it to your partner. Your partner should also get tested as you can also get another infection after treatment.

Tips to Remember if You want to Try Veganism Lifestyle

You have definitely come across a vegan or the idea of Veganism. As much as you have depended on animal sources of food as your main protein source, you should prepare for a big change. Becoming a vegan is not just about a change in diet. It is a complete lifestyle change. Before you hop to the other side, here are a few things you need to expect and be prepared for.

Questions from families and friends

Food is an important part of one’s belief. Once you stop eating the food which you were brought up by questions will arise. Your parents will think that you are challenging their judgment for good foods. Friends may wonder why the change has become. They may be quite skeptical and avoid being on dinner tables with you. This I just a heads up of the reactions you might get.

With that said and done, what are the nutritional changes you need to prepare for in your diet? Here goes.

Replacement of animal protein with plant proteins

This is going to be one of the major changes in your diet. Animal proteins range from milk, poultry, beef, and fish and so on. As a non-vegan, you will realize that this takes a huge part of your diet. Replacing these proteins, however, should not be difficult especially with vegan meats. As a vegan, you will notice that protein sources are many and you will need to choose from a variety.

Watch out for too much soy

Soy is the most common source of protein for most vegans. However, if overdone, it may come with health complications. You should avoid processed soy and look out for safer soy. These include forms such as soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and miso. Over processed soy has a high concentration of sodium, which is not good for the body. Scientists have proven that overconsumption of soy protein has severe health indications compared to excess animal protein

Vitamin supplements

There are specific vitamins and minerals, which only come from animal sources. You will need to have supplements of Vitamin B12, Zinc, Riboflavin and Iron. The richest source of iron in a non-vegan diet is red meat. You now understand that you will not be taking any more of that.

Watch out for junk food

When you will be replacing proteins, you will realize that bread and pasta have certain amounts of protein. However, be warned not to take too much of these for the sake of protein. Remember highly processed foods should be avoided because it will be similar to consuming junk food. It would be worse to come from a no-vegan lifestyle and fall into a junk food culture. This will expose you to other diseases and add weight to your body.

Highly processed foods have cases of the included ingredients from animal origin. These include; gelatin, whey, and casein. Therefore, you have to be ready to read all labels of food products you will be purchasing from your stores. A completely vegan food may have traces of animal products in them.

Vitamin Injections Online

Vitamins are involved in many biochemical reactions of the human body. They play vital role in our overall health. As you know vitamins are not the energy supplier for our body, but they play an essential role in metabolism and other processes.

Concentration of vitamins in the tissues and the daily need for them is small. But there may appear different problems if the person suffers from vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency may be dangerous for your body! That is why you should control the level of vitamins in your body.

Vitamin Injections Or Oral Vitamin Pills

Doctors recommend taking vitamins in injections. They get into the blood much better and quicker. It is a well known fact that absorbing and digesting oral vitamin pills is inefficient comparing to vitamin injections. It is because large amount of nutrients are not absorbed by your body. There are many conditions which may also make it difficult for body to absorb nutrients. That is why it is better to use vitamin injections. The best place to search for injectable vitamins for sale is the internet.

They bypass the digestive system, letting the body to absorb the full dose. Moreover, as you might know all injections get much quicker into the body right, that is why the effect is immediate. Injections are a perfect choice for people who have problems with swallowing pills or don’t like them for different reasons.

The Advantages of Taking Vitamin Injections:

  • Vitamins help to loose weight since they improve metabolism and fat utilization as well as increase energy to exercise more
  • Vitamins decrease fatigue and improve metabolic function
  • Injectable vitamins decrease the level of homocysteine. Homocysteine is associated with risk of heart disease
  • Vitamins are helpful in anxiety and depression because they improve mood
  • Vitamins support detoxification


B1 Vitamin Injections

Doctors prescribe B1 vitamins to avoid B1 vitamin deficiency, for AIDS, heart disease, canker sores, diabetic pain, aging, boosting the immune system and many other health conditions.

Vitamin C Injections

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It is usually taking as a complementary therapy for improving overall health. The world health organization recommends a daily dose of 45 mg/day of vitamin C for healthy adults.

B6 Vitamin Injection

B6 vitamin helps to improve the absorption of nutrient, strengthens the immune system, treats hair loss, edema, prevents kidney stones, eases premenstrual syndrome and morning sickness during pregnancy, helps in heart and blood pressure problems. Sufficient intake of foods with B6 vitamin reduces the risk of developing many diseases.

Benefits of B12 Vitamin Injection

Vitamin B12 keeps nervous system healthy, improves blood circulation, and helps to make blood cells. Take it to avoid B12 vitamin deficiency which can provoke many dangerous diseases.

Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

More often than not, looking perfect means you have to look thin. In the same manner, being overweight is often the cause why people become insecure of themselves. As people feel this way, they tend to enroll in various weight loss programs and take different types of weight reduction supplements. Although the reasons might vary, the main goal of many people is to lose weight and burn unwanted fats.

For those who cannot afford to enroll in weight loss programs offered in health clubs or gyms, they opt for taking weight reduction pills or supplements instead. Consequently, there are various dietary supplements available in the market, such as Biofit, which can be confusing given that they contain different ingredients and claim various effects in the body. As such, prior to choosing, it is best to consider weight loss supplement reviews. You can read Biofit Reviews online.

It is advisable to read and consider independent reviews from product users in order to know which one suits a specific body type. In addition, all weight reduction pills claim to be providing the best results. This is the reason why reviews of various supplements for losing weight are essential to learn the different formulae of each product being offered.

When considering weight loss supplement reviews, one may encounter forms that would let them sign up for free samples of the product being reviewed. Although it can be easier to avail of the samples than reading through the available information in supplement reviews, one could not be so sure of the safety of the product.

It can be very easy to receive free weight loss supplement samples. Companies offering these free trail offers would usually send potential consumers a bottle of their health supplement. These companies are hoping that potential consumers would try out their products and like their formula. When this happens, these potential consumers would eventually purchase their products once the trial period expires.

If you are considering weight loss supplement reviews, it is important to know that majority of the products in these reviews do not offer a 100% free trial even if they are listed as such. More often than not, manufacturers will ask consumers to pay for the handling and shipping fees.

However, the bottle of the product samples would not be charged to the consumer. You may not patronize the free sample since you would pay for the handling and shipping fees; however, it would still be much cheaper as compared to paying the product in its full price. Most manufacturers offering free product samples would charge $3 to $5 for their pills.

One good part in signing up for free product samples is that you would be able to provide your own weight loss supplement reviews for other consumers. Instead of just reading and receiving reviews, you would have an actual experience of the product. In addition, you would be able to discover for yourself whether the product suits your body type. You would also find out if you are going to continue taking the product once you have reduced or lost extra pounds.

Sports Injury Help

Anyone can sustain a sports injury whether they are an elite professional, the recreational athlete or just the active individual going about their daily routine. The importance of gaining the most appropriate treatment and rehabilitation cannot be underestimated, thus ensuring a speedy return to sport and daily life.

There are a wide variety of treatments available at many Sports Injury Clinics, all of which are provided by trained professionals, to ensure that the individual gets the most appropriate treatment and rehabilitation to suit their needs. All of the treatment’s come from the most up to date scientific research, thus enabling the therapist to tailor programs to suit individual injuries and circumstances.

At the sports injury treatment clinic a typical session include: musculoskeletal assessment, massage therapy, mobilizations, electrotherapy, physical therapy, postural assessment, nutritional advice and personal training.

Services offered by sports injury clinic:

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Following injury it is essential that a full musculoskeletal assessment is undertaken. Musculoskeletal assessment is a step by step process focusing on the elimination of the possible causes of the injury. This will ensure that whatever structures have been injured will be fully assessed to determine exactly what structures have been injured and thus being able to apply the best appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan, thus enabling a prompt return to sport and or activities of daily living.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy has been used in not only the treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries but also in the preparation on recovery from sport and competition. There is little scientific evidence regarding the effects of massage therapy, largely due to testing being to invasive. Despite this lack of evidence, massage therapy continues to be one of the most widely used modalities in therapeutic practice.

Massage therapy has many claimed benefits, which include facilitating the healing process by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood into the area thus removing debris, reduction of swelling via lymphatic drainage, increases muscle tone and elasticity, it has also been found that massage releases the body’s own pain releasing properties. With the many benefits of massage comes with it some contraindications, please check with your therapist before embarking on a course of massage therapy.

Physical Therapy

Following injury to tissues they will sustain significant tissue damage, not only to the injured site, but due to inactivity the surrounding tissues will also suffer. When determining the best way to rehabilitate the injured area, close attention should be paid to not only the surrounding tissues but also the surrounding joints.

Each component of fitness, including range of motion, flexibility, gait, strength, proprioception, cardiovascular fitness to name but a few, should be reintroduced in a systematic manor to ensure that re-injury does not occur and that the return to activity is as efficient as possible.

Postural Assessment

On a daily basis whether its at work, out shopping, participating in sport, or just sitting around the house individuals rarely execute perfect posture. Even the slightest deviations can have a deliberating effect on not only sporting performance but also day to day life. Postural analysis is an important component in a musculoskeletal assessment, this will enable the therapist to determine whether the injury/pain or dysfunction has come from a postural deficiency.

Nutritional Advice

No matter whether you are an elite athlete of just a budding enthusiast, you should always follow a balanced diet. There are various myths surrounding the best ways to lose weight via dieting however they strongly depend on the individual. Therefore it is imperative that the individual have a nutritional profile created to determine the most appropriate eating plan for the individual.

Good Oral Hygiene Benefits

When considering the benefits of oral hygiene, two objectives stand out: Prevent cavities and preserve aesthetic appeal. While these are important goals, proper oral care provides much more. Modern dental science has made it easier than ever to take good care of your teeth, both in terms of health and appearance, but we’ve also learned that the condition of one’s teeth can be an indicator of one’s overall health as explained on T2C Online .

People have been taking steps to protect their teeth for centuries. In Middle Ages Europe, it wasn’t uncommon for people to rub their teeth with rough cloth, sometimes using abrasive pastes and powders made from ash or herbs. Nevertheless, there were some problems that oral hygiene practices couldn’t prevent. Study of skeletons from Edo-period Japan, for instance, has shown that people in the lower strata of society had progressively worse dental health. This was largely because of a higher likelihood of suffering occasional bouts of malnutrition.

Today, we don’t have to worry so much about malnutrition, but there are still important lessons to learn from the past. Because of common access to toothbrushes and cleaning agents that most of us take for granted, the quality of one’s teeth is mostly thought of as evidence for one’s oral hygiene habits. Just as it did for the people of Edo, though, it can also point to differences in social status, which for us means the ability to afford regular dental care and orthodontics. Most importantly, whether due to irregular professional cleanings, delayed treatments, or failure to brush and floss on a daily basis, the condition of one’s teeth can predict health outcomes for the future.

In recent years, medical researchers have discovered several links between oral hygiene and the prevalence of diseases that can impact life expectancy. For instance, they noted a correlation between the presence of cavities and several major heart conditions. What’s more, periodontitis has been correlated with both heart disease and diabetes. Further research suggests that oral disease has a complementary relationship with heart disease and diabetes, each making the other worse. And the connections between oral disease and other bodily diseases go even further, including potential risks for dementia and respiratory infections.