Patent / Utility Model

“Patent Right” is the most important part of industrial property rights. This right is even more important in countries that develop technology, especially in terms of being an intermediary in technology transfer.

In order to keep up with today’s developing technology and to be different from the competitors in the competitive market environment, companies and individuals are competing with each other to make the products more functional for the use of people, as well as producing new inventions every day.

However, your inventions; In order to prevent unauthorized use, claim and imitation of the work of the main inventor by others, it must be protected by registration.

You can protect your inventions by registering them both at home and abroad and there are patent companies such as InventHelp that could help you with that.

Overseas Patent Registration

As with all industrial property rights, only the country in which they are registered is valid for patent registrations. If the patent owner wants to protect his invention in other countries, he has to register his patent in the relevant countries. Patent owners have two alternatives to register their inventions in other countries.

The first way is to protect the patent in the requested countries by making separate applications through authorized patent attorneys operating in that country. Application separately in each of the countries where registration is requested.

It is quite costly to do. Such protection requests should only be preferred when registration is requested in countries that are not members of certain international agreements.

The second way is to request protection with a single application in one of the countries that are members of international agreements or in more than one country as explained by Invent Help professionals.

One of these agreements is the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). According to this agreement; the applicant can request registration protection in all or some of the PCT member states with a single application.

The other one is the EUROPEAN PATENT AGREEMENT (EPC – European Patent Convention). With a patent application to be made in accordance with the European patent agreement, it is possible to obtain patent protection in all or some of the member countries of the agreement.

Patent An Idea

We’re all full of ideas. Once in awhile though we come up with a thought to patent an idea that can magically transform our lives. Patent ideas aren’t unheard of anymore. In fact, people, large and small businesses, and universities come up with them all the time.

Not just anyone can patent an idea. Many of us just can’t get our ideas on paper. In order to patent an idea, we must be very thorough in our research and even more thorough on our application for the patent. Then, there’s the process of applying for the patent. To patent an idea a person must have patience and information at his or her fingertips to help through the entire process.

When you’re ready to patent an idea, it’s always best to have a patent agency, such as InventHelp to help in this process – learn more about InventHelp. However, you can do a patent search on your own to get additional information. This can also help meld your patent ideas and eventually develop them into inventions.

Consider getting a patent on your idea or invention. This is the only way to protect your intellectual property assets and, in fact, claim ownership of your patent idea. The first person who files for the patent is the one that claims ownership. This is why it’s critical to get the wheels going on your patent idea.

Without a doubt, some people find attorney fees quite expensive. However it is a great idea to get one. If you do the hard work yourself, it should cost a lot less. But due to the complex process of obtaining a patent, it is best to hire a lawyer who will assist you at every step of obtaining a patent. There are also patenting agencies like InventHelp and getting support from InventHelp would be cheaper in the long run anyway.

How Can a Motivational Speaker Help Your Business?

If your employees are in a rut and productivity has decreased, it can also be very stressful for a business owner. Perhaps you have sampled talking and encouraging these or tried to introduced incentive programs to extend production but nothing looks like it’s working. A business motivational speaker make be precisely what you and your people need. There are many benefits that come with hiring a speaker to speak to your employees.

Moral Booster

If you believe your employees need some sort of moral booster, a business motivational speaker is the best source to use. They are specifically trained for the following very thing because their own main objective to speaking may be to motivate your employees. They are experts in such a field because they practice it every day at locations all around the world. They will use a variety of humor, understanding and solutions to make your employee response within a positive way. Take Eric Bailey an motivation and vision speaker, as an example as you can read from

Teach Start up company Ideas

The business world is usually changing very rapidly in today’s economy of course, if a business hopes to compete they have to change with the time. Unfortunately, your employees definitely isn’t so quick to change which can cause tension between the owners and workers. A company motivational speaker is a wonderful person to introduce this change for an employees. They travel around the country and they understand the changes that business owners are faced with and they can relate that need to your employees better as compared to you.

Reinforces Skills

A good business motivational speaker are able to inspire employees to remember and count on the business skills they have learned. The speaker will continue to work to reinforce these ideas and skill back in your employees. These types of skills include organization skills, customer service skills, work ethics and productivity levels. They can also assistance your employees find effective ways of manage their stress both at your workplace and at home and how to properly deal with workplace conflicts.

Find the Right Speaker

When looking to identify a business motivational speaker to talk to your employees, you should try to find one who is a consultant in your specific sector. You certainly would not want a doctor to talk to a group of employees at a manufacturing plant. The speaker must be capable of relate to your employees. You should also discover a speaker who is ready to design their speech around your needs and focus on the points that you desire your employees to hear. Most speakers will customize their speech for your specific needs.

A business motivational speaker and be just what your people need. They may need to be reminded of how important their role in the business is and how to effective they can be. You may feel like you as the business owner or manager are generally already talking to these, but to hear it from another point of view can be very effective. Hiring a speaker are going to be an added business expense nevertheless results will be worthy it.

Choosing the Right Business Telephone System

When it comes to finding the perfect business telephone system it can quickly become a very long and tedious task. This is because there are now so many different system packages to choose from and narrowing these down to the ultimate business telephone system can be a demanding task. Each business has its own requirements in order to suit its particular needs.

The core success of any business lies in the choice of the business telephone system such as ATS Telecoms –  This fundamental aspect of the business is now more important than ever. This is because it is the heart of the company’s communication, whether this being externally with customers and suppliers or internally with the staff.

The following check list highlights the guidelines to have available when searching for your business phone system:

  • Estimated Number of Staff and System Users
  • Necessary System Features Required
  • Additional Features You Would Like
  • Essential Expandability Requirements
  • Future Costs to Maintain/Upgrade the System
  • Disruption Involved During Installation
  • Pre-existing Network Configuration

Understand What Your Office Needs

When choosing a new a telephone system you don’t have to be a phone expert or a technically minded individual to make the right decision however, it is important that you know the basics of what you want. Office phone systems come with many different functions such as Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Logging, VoIP compatible etc. So it is important to identify what you need from your system so that can ensure that is perfect for your business communications.

Why neon signs benefit your business

Neon signs are arguably the most interesting signage out there. Neon lightning creates a very classy feeling with its radiant shine and vivid colors. Also, although neon signs are associated with nightlife, neon signs can create a very distinct aura about your business even if the business is operational only during daylight hours. Neon signs aren’t exclusive to night time, as they can be seen during the day, but the specific glow makes them especially appealing during late hours.

Neon signage was developed in the early 20th century, and some sources say that the first neon signs were actually presented by Nicola Tesla, the famous mad-or-genius-you-decide scientist. However, most sources agree that the true inventor of neon signs was the French inventor Georges Claude. Since their invention, the creating of original neon signs has become a sort of an art, as glass tubes are formed by professional neon tube benders; neon signs are sometimes filled with other gases (for example, argon and helium) to achieve the desired color.

Iconic designs and forms of neon signage, such as neon-tube saxophones for jazz clubs and seductive females for casinos, have become an association with nightlife in general. However, neon signs aren’t limited to businesses that specialize in these areas. It is common to see neon signage used everywhere; by taking nightly walk one can see that neon signs are used by all sorts of businesses.

LED Neon Signs are great for your business, because they act like ordinary signage, but offer a little more. First of all, customers love seeing interesting, eye-candy advertisements. And neon signs certainly look good. Secondly, neon signs create awareness about your brand by being very noticeable during both day and night. And lastly, neon signs create a non-formal image about your business, which is very good for most businesses.

How To Patent An Invention

The reason to patent an invention is to gain the exclusive right to manufacture, use or sell that invention. In the United States the power to grant patent protection is given to Congress through the Constitution. The United States Patent Office (USPTO) is the government office that issues these patents.

It’s important to point out that the patent owner does not need a patent to make, use or sell the invention. The patent only allows the owner stop others from doing so. You can find a lot of agencies online that are providing help for new inventors where you can learn more about your case.

Another way to think of patents is as an agreement between the inventor and the government. The inventor agrees to give up the secrets of their invention and to let society have the advantage of its use. In return, the government gives the inventor the right to gain an economic advantage from the invention.

To patent an invention, the invention must meet three criteria: novelty, utility and non-obviousness. Novelty means that the invention must be different from the prior art in its area. Utility means that the invention must be useful, not artistic or decorative, in nature. Non-Obviousness means that the invention is not just an obvious improvement in the invention’s field of art when viewed by one of ordinary skill in that field. There are a lot of new invention videos on YouTube as well where you can get even more info.

Commercial Window Washing

Commercial window washing in Southlake TX is easy to find, and when you hire a commercial window washing professional, you will have windows that are sparkling clean, without any hard work on your part. A Southlake TX commercial window washing company can handle all your window washing needs. Most commercial window washing companies offer full service window washing, and so there is a wide variety of areas they can service for you. From mirrors to interior lights, to skylights and storms and screens, a commercial window washing company can help you have a clean and shiny surface on all the window and glass areas of your home or office.

Maybe you have a job that requires a professional window washing company because the windows are too high up for you to reach. This job will be no problem for a professional window washing service. They have the tools and know how to handle even your toughest to reach window areas. They clean high rise buildings, retail shops, restaurants, offices, schools, and movie theaters, and they can even clean the windows on your home if you want your windows to really shine. Most window cleaning Southlake TX companies are bonded and insured, and many even offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their work. Many companies offer discounts and low prices, and you can be sure you will be able to find a window cleaning service that can easily fit into your budget.

If you are tired of looking out dirty windows or you just can’t reach the windows you need cleaned, consider hiring a window cleaning Southlake TX company to take care of your dirty windows so that you can be sure that even if you’re inside, you are still seeing the clear picture of the outside world.

What Determines Auto Transport Rates?

With the advent of Internet, getting auto transport rates is not a difficult job today, once you have decided for a move. There are plenty of auto transport companies ready to serve you with a rate for your transport needs. But before you seek for a transport rate, it is important for you to know what actually determines auto transport rates.


Since fuel consumption and labor charge play a major role in transportation, the distance you have to cover impacts the cost of transportation. Additionally, if your vehicle has to travel between major cities, you need to face lesser rate in comparison to the vehicle that travels between remote cities.

Make and Model and Year of the Car

The year of the car also plays huge impact over the car shipping cost. It’s mainly because of the reason that you need to pay some additional costs as the odometer reading charge when it is older than 10 years or so. In fact, there are certain other rules to follow depending on how old or how new the car is.

Also, the make and model of the car determines what transport facility you are going to obtain. For instance, if you own a regular model, going for open transport for a shorter distance is more than enough. But owning a high-end luxury model, or vintage car or sports car requires you to choose enclosed shipping, which increases the overall auto transport rates in question.

Type of Transportation

As told already, depending on your choice for transportation, the cost is decided. If you go for open transport, it costs you much less. Since 10 vehicles of standard size can be transported at a time, the cost for individual car comes much less and you are getting cheap Auto Transport. On the other hand, if you choose enclosed shipping with 20ft container, it costs you much higher, as only one vehicle per container can be accommodated at a time.

Again, you may choose between door to door or terminal to terminal transport facilities. If you choose door to door service, your vehicle is delivered to the location you specify. Alternatively, when you go for terminal to terminal service, you need to bring your car to the storage hub of the company from where the car is carried to the hauler. Quite obviously, door to door facility comes at much higher rate if compared to terminal to terminal facility.

Condition of the Car

Auto transport rates depend on the condition of the car as well. The car transport of an operable car is less if compared to a non-operable car. The reason is obvious. A non-operable car needs to employ more labor and equipment, which makes the overall price higher.

Insurance Coverage

Many cheap and unscrupulous transport companies quote for lower auto transport rates. They simply don’t add the necessary value of insurance coverage, and thus the quote looks much appealing and lucrative. But in a standard market scenario, any reputed transport company adds sufficient insurance value and that also impacts the final rate.


During peak summer months, auto transport rates are much higher if compared to the other months of a year.

Investment in Gold

Despite the economic fluctuations, gold investment will continue to increase. For this reason, there are a number of investors who use gold investment as a way to evade potential inflation.

If you are taking into consideration an investment in gold, you first have to have enough knowledge with regards to its market and how it works. The gold market works differently than other markets thus you have to ensure that you understand what you are getting into. You also have to make sure that you are able to find a trustworthy gold dealer who can provide you with authentic and high quality gold. Look for one of the best precious metal dealers in the market. Such as the Sosengheng gold dealer in Thailand – a credible and reputable company that provides high quality and authentic precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum as you can see from their website –

This company strives to satisfy their clients by bringing great value to their investment portfolio. This company only wants to provide investors, like you, with the best possible opportunity to build a gold and rare coin portfolio. These investments can help maximize appreciation benefits and opportunities in the coming years. The services offered by a gold dealer are truly valuable and they can provide you with support and resources to help you achieve your investment goals. For this reason, whether you are a beginner at gold investing or you are a veteran, you will definitely appreciate their services.

When you invest in gold, you also have to determine which form of gold investment to invest in. You can invest in bullions, bars, coins, futures, mutual funds, options, and many more. Investing in gold coins are preferred by many investors and dealers since it is readily available in the market. Gold coins are also very easy to liquidate when the need arises.

You have to look for credible gold coin dealers to enjoy the benefits of gold investment. A credible and trustworthy dealer will help you get the most out of your investment.

Sheet Metal Forming

The very first thing you would want to know about sheet metal is that its ratio of surface area to volume is very high. Many people confuse sheet metal with plate metal. While both may look similar to the untrained eye, they are very different. The thickness of sheet metal is 1/4 inch or less, while plate metal is more than 1/4 inch in thickness.

While sheet metal is used to manufacture automobile bodies, roofing, airplane wings, beverage cans and the like, plate metal is used to make boilers, bridges, ships, turbines and so on. Plate metal is used for larger parts. While some manufacturing processes used for sheet metal work also can be used with plate metal, generally plate metal requires specialized tools and processes.

Cutting, bending and deep drawing are the main kinds of sheet metal working.

Sheet metal operations are typically performed on a metal press brake using dies and punches. This is perhaps the most economical method when it comes to forming of sheet metal.

Before designing a punch and die set, understanding the mechanics of sheet metal deformation is vital. Without a very good understanding of how this behaves, it will be impossible to produce parts to accurate tolerances and specifications.

Metals such as brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, nickel and tin are perhaps the most commonly used ones for making sheet metal. That said, gold, silver, titanium and platinum are also used.

It would be vital to have an excellent understanding of how a given material behaves under stress, how it deforms, and so on. Typically, you would want the material to undergo significant plastic deformation before necking. Localized necking is to be avoided. You would also want to take care to avoid uneven elongation which some materials like low carbon steels are prone to. This can lead to poor surface finish and other unacceptable parameters.

In short, you would need to have an extremely good understanding of how a given material behaves under stress. And different materials can exhibit very different behaviors.

In addition to having a good understanding of how a particular material behaves under stress, you would also want to conduct tests on samples before you start working on a given lot of raw material. You would want to conduct tests to verify raw material composition, tension tests, cupping test and any other tests that may be required. These tests would give you a much better understanding of the raw material.