Prestige City Overview

Everyone desires their little piece of paradise. Prestige City is one such paradise from pioneer builders of South India -The Prestige Group. It is a place to be free, to relax, luxury is attainable in the house by including the most modern amenities, comfort, technologies and this is provided by the Prestige City.

The Prestige City is residential project coming with 2 BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK bedroom apartments for providing comfort and ease to its residents.

Impressive architecture and incredible design are the two elements of the luxurious apartments for sale in Bangalore. Every aspect of this project screams on the top of the world.

The project is a mixed use development which includes retail and commercial sector along with residential development located at Kanakapura Main Road, it provides accommodation which is affordable and also have excellent connectivity to all major places like Bannerghatta Road, Bidadi, M.G Road, Electronic City, JP Nagar, Jayanagar. People employed in these area incline to settle in Kanakapura Road and they also have simple and easy access to metro station, other public transport and malls.

Vending Machine Rental

If you are looking to add vending machines to your workplace or business premises, then finding a quality vending machine rental service is what can really determine whether it would prove to be a benefit to you or not. Many businesses tend to overlook the quality of the vending machine rental they are dealing with while arranging for the machines.

Whether you want to start a vending business in Sydney or simply want a vending machine installed in your workplace, you can find a vending machine rental useful. But if you really want the idea of a vending machine to work, apart from positioning the vending machine in the right spot, you should also learn how to pick a vending machine.

This factor is even more important when you are serious about establishing a profitable vending machine business. Addressing the needs of your potential consumers at the right time and the right place is the key to the effectiveness of the vending machines, and a quality vending machine rental will always offer you good availability of the most popular products.

If you are not sure about how to make a start and contact a reliable and quality vending machine rental, you can search for a vending machine rental on the internet. There are a number of vending machine rental services offering a variety of high quality vending machines along with the supply of the most popular products.

You must be sure about the products you should be offering to your potential customers, but if you want to have a good idea without doing much research, then a very good way of learning about that is to check what a quality vending machine rental is offering you. You can be sure that a good vending machine rental would be having a lot of tips for what is in demand and where.

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What Is Welding

You May Ask “What Is Welding”? I will try to explain to you in the most “easy to understand” way I can.

Welding at it’s most basic, is simply to use a heat source to melt two materials together, this can be done to:

Form a weld bead for such things as hard facing


To join two similar materials together using different weld types. eg. fillet weld, butt weld.

Some welding requires the use of a filler metal to be added, which adds extra metal to reinforce or strengthen the weld.

If asked about welding, most people might think of metals being joined together but other materials such as plastics can also be welded using a different heat source and techniques.

Where Does The Heat Come From?

The most common modern heat source is electricity, which produces in the range of 6000 and 10 000 degrees Celsius.

While fuel gas and oxygen (oxy acetylene) is still used for welding by some people it is mostly used for pre heating metals in preparation for welding with an electric arc.

Oxy acetylene is still used by some plumbers to braze or silver solder copper plumbing fittings, although many use a form of LPG for this. Other plumbers opt for pex pipe and crimp fittings as well as push together fittings.

Other common heat sources include, explosives, friction and thermite.

Welding Versus Brazing:


When joining metals by welding, you are melting the pieces of metal (called parent metal) together while in most cases you are also adding extra metal (filler) to form a weld bead that is the required shape and size to produce a strong weld.


When joining metals by brazing you are not melting the pieces of metal (called parent metal) together but melting another metal with a lower melting point in between the pieces of parent metal

Welding Can Be Dangerous!!!

I Don’t Mean To Scare You… But

There are many substances that should not come into contact with welding and you should be particularly careful when cleaning metal before welding.

For example, Do Not clean with a chlorinated degreaser to clean metal before welding, the fumes can kill you or cause permanent severe damage.

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What Determines Auto Transport Rates?

With the advent of Internet, getting auto transport rates is not a difficult job today, once you have decided for a move. There are plenty of auto transport companies ready to serve you with a rate for your transport needs. But before you seek for a transport rate, it is important for you to know what actually determines auto transport rates.


Since fuel consumption and labor charge play a major role in transportation, the distance you have to cover impacts the cost of transportation. Additionally, if your vehicle has to travel between major cities, you need to face lesser rate in comparison to the vehicle that travels between remote cities.

Make and Model and Year of the Car

The year of the car also plays huge impact over the car shipping cost. It’s mainly because of the reason that you need to pay some additional costs as the odometer reading charge when it is older than 10 years or so. In fact, there are certain other rules to follow depending on how old or how new the car is.

Also, the make and model of the car determines what transport facility you are going to obtain. For instance, if you own a regular model, going for open transport for a shorter distance is more than enough. But owning a high-end luxury model, or vintage car or sports car requires you to choose enclosed shipping, which increases the overall auto transport rates in question.

Type of Transportation

As told already, depending on your choice for transportation, the cost is decided. If you go for open transport, it costs you much less. Since 10 vehicles of standard size can be transported at a time, the cost for individual car comes much less and you are getting cheap Auto Transport. On the other hand, if you choose enclosed shipping with 20ft container, it costs you much higher, as only one vehicle per container can be accommodated at a time.

Again, you may choose between door to door or terminal to terminal transport facilities. If you choose door to door service, your vehicle is delivered to the location you specify. Alternatively, when you go for terminal to terminal service, you need to bring your car to the storage hub of the company from where the car is carried to the hauler. Quite obviously, door to door facility comes at much higher rate if compared to terminal to terminal facility.

Condition of the Car

Auto transport rates depend on the condition of the car as well. The car transport of an operable car is less if compared to a non-operable car. The reason is obvious. A non-operable car needs to employ more labor and equipment, which makes the overall price higher.

Insurance Coverage

Many cheap and unscrupulous transport companies quote for lower auto transport rates. They simply don’t add the necessary value of insurance coverage, and thus the quote looks much appealing and lucrative. But in a standard market scenario, any reputed transport company adds sufficient insurance value and that also impacts the final rate.


During peak summer months, auto transport rates are much higher if compared to the other months of a year.

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