Nestled within the heart of Cape Town resides a hiker’s paradise: Platteklip Gorge. Offering a rich profile of Cape Town’s vibrant outdoors, this thrilling trail is a must-add to every adventurer’s bucket list.

Setting the Scene

Platteklip Gorge is cradled on the stellar Table Mountain, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. This monumental landmark stands as a proud symbol of Cape Town’s geographical beauty. Its routes provide a warm welcome to hikers from all walks of life, each with various skill levels. The path opens up to an array of experiences: navigating through rocky trails, breath-taking panoramic views, and possibly spotting native fauna.

The Path Unfolds

As you ascend the winding trails, you’ll encounter the sensational beauty of Cape Town’s skyline, painted against a brilliant horizon. Its azure waters flirt with skies of orange, pink, and red as the sun sets, providing a picturesque backdrop for your journey. Yet, it isn’t just the vista that captivates hikers, the lush greenery, sprayed with a palette of native flowers, sets a serene tone for the hike, making it seem more like walking through a painting than an actual trail.

Essential Information

Platteklip Gorge, while stunning, is still a wilderness. The trails aren’t to be taken lightly. They demand a fair level of fitness and proper gear for safe navigation. Make sure you’re adequately hydrated, and pack some essentials such as high-energy snacks, sunblock to protect against Cape Town’s scorching sun, a detailed map, and a first-aid kit, just in case. It’s also advisable to let a trustable person know of your intended hiking path for safety reasons.

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Route Overview

Your adventure through the Platteklip Gorge hike starts from Tafelberg Road, roughly 1500m east of the lower cable station. A friendly Platteklip Gorge sign indicates the start of the hike, beckoning you to the treasures that await ahead. As you step onto the path, you’ll plunge into the vivid wilderness, following a path in serpentine fashion as it guides you up the iconic Table Mountain.

An In-depth Look

The journey to the summit typically takes an average of 2-3 hours, inviting you to immerse yourself in the journey’s rhythm. This timing depends on your fitness level and how many rest stops you take to capture the jaw-dropping scenery into your memories (and hopefully some photographs!)

Why Platteklip Gorge?

While many hiking trails meander within Cape Town, few can rival the Platteklip Gorge trail for its majestic vistas, clearly marked path, and mesmerizing natural beauty. It presents an enviable pedestal to view civilization from the wilderness, as you stand over Cape Town’s sprawling cityscape. Discover more about Cape Town’s attractions and events on the Your Cape Town Guide website.


As you challenge yourself on the inclines of Platteklip Gorge, remember to live in the moment. It is easy to get caught up in the destination but make time to look around, stand still, and soak in the breathtaking surroundings. Lace up your boots, grab your water bottle, and let Platteklip Gorge lead you on an unforgettable Cape Town adventure! And don’t forget to check out Your Cape Town Guide for more tips and information about exploring this stunning city.

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