If you are suffering from allergies, getting tested for allergies is the easiest and most effective way to figure out where the allergic reaction is coming from. Allergy tests work by providing your level of reaction when presented with certain allergens. Allergy specialists will present you with more than one allergen at a time in order to rule some out as well as pinpoint others. There are a few simple allergy tests that can prove where the allergic reaction is coming from so that you will know what allergen to try to stay away from.

Allergy specialists are also called immunologists. To become allergy specialists, students have to complete medical school as well as certification courses and tests. Allergy specialists are usually in school for about 13 years total so they learn how to test for allergies in the most efficient manner. Allergy specialists can do more than just allergy testing; allergy specialists can treat an allergic reaction, as well as provide medical advice for managing allergies so you can stop them before the allergic reaction gets to be too bad.

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Allergy Tests

There are two types of allergy testing that are truly trusted in the medical field to provide valid results regarding an allergic reaction. The first is a skin test and the second is a radioallergosorbent, or RAST, test. The RAST test for allergies is a blood test, which measures the allergic antibodies present in the blood taken for testing. The skin test can utilize three allergy testing methods: Finger prick allergy testing, puncturing, or scratching the skin, then applying drops to the surface of the skin and rubbed in; after 15 minutes, results of the skin test will usually be evident. These two types of allergy testing are most often performed by allergy specialists to determine what is causing an allergic reaction, because it is a trusted scientific method for getting to the root of allergy problems.

Results of Allergy Tests

The results of allergy tests are used to determine where the allergic reaction is coming from. To ensure that the results of allergy testing are accurate, allergy specialists will generally perform both the skin allergy test and a RAST allergy test. This thorough method of getting tested for allergies allows you a more complete and trustworthy allergic reaction diagnosis by allergy specialists.

Allergen Challenge

The allergen challenge is meant to determine whether or not a person, particularly children, has outgrown an allergic reaction. Undergoing an allergen challenge is not usually advised and is typically done in research or a study by allergy specialists. An allergen challenge can be dangerous if not done in a properly supervised setting because immunologists will need to be able to treat any allergic reaction that gets out of hand, which can happen when purposely exposing someone to the environmental substance that causes their allergies.

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