Many people think that termite infestations can be detected by the layman homeowner and taken care of without the help of a termite exterminator. The sad truth is that termites are hard to kill, can re-infest the home and they can live in areas of the home that are very difficult to inspect. Granted, a pest exterminator can be more expensive than trying to do the job alone, but the results can be well worth the expenditure.

Something to keep in mind when choosing an exterminator is the warranty they offer. A reputable termite exterminating company, such as Cayce Exterminating Company, will inspect the entire home at least annually, probably quarterly if the home has ever had an infestation in the past. Many reputable termite control companies offer termite bonds that are like an insurance policy on the home. If termites are found after a bond has been purchased, the bond issuing company will pay for some, if not all of the resulting expenses to rid the home of the pests and repair any damage they have done. If the homeowner chooses to go it alone in the battle against termites, the resultant repairs from an infestation can be quite costly, usually many times more that the cost of a termite exterminator bond.

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If the choice has been made to carry out a termite inspection without the aid of a professional, there are some areas to pay particular attention to. Look for a mud like substance in window sills and on other wood surfaces. When termites create a hole to the outside of the wood they will “patch” the hole with wood pulp and termite feces… which oftentimes looks like mud. Watch for small holes in the wood, paint bubbles or a very fine sawdust. Wings are a very good indicator that termites are present. When termites swarm they fly then they will drop their wings when they infest another wooden structure. Obviously, if termites are seen then the problem could be quite severe.

There are many pesticides on the market that can be found in the local home and garden center that are made to kill termites. These products can be used to treat the areas for termite infestation. It is always important to follow manufacturer’ instructions explicitly as these are poisons and can be harmful to humans and pets. In cases where the homeowner does not feel confident handling this type of material, or when a guarantee is desired it is important to contact a professional termite exterminator.

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