Choosing the right surfboard is more than a purchasing decision. It’s an essential step in maximizing your surfing experience and progressing in the sport. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned surf pro, selecting the right board can be a tough task due to the diverse range of surfboards available in the market. It can be easier when you find a reliable place to guide your decision-making process and purchase, and this is where online surf shops like World Surf Store come into the picture. Follow the guide below to simplify your choice of surfboard.

Understanding Your Surfing Level

Your skill level plays a significant role in determining the type of surfboard best suited for you.


For the uninitiated or surfers in their early phase of learning, a larger, more stable surfboard (preferably a longboard or foamboard) would be ideal. These boards are wider and longer – and thus, they provide more stability and buoyancy, making it easier to catch waves and stand up. World Surf Store has a wide selection of beginner-friendly boards and professional advice to assist beginners in making an informed choice.


As you advance, you may want to switch to a slightly smaller board (perhaps a funboard) that offers great stability and maneuverability too. They can let you ride a range of wave sizes and let you experiment with different surf styles. World Surf Store offers a comprehensive range of funboards suitable for intermediate surfers.


Experienced surfers may prefer the challenge and mobility of shorter boards, such as shortboards or fish surfboards. These boards are designed for powerful, strategic moves and for riding bigger and steeper waves. World Surf Store is one of the best online surf shops to select from a broad range of advanced surfboards.

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Choosing The Right Surfboard Depending On Your Size

Not surprisingly, your physique also informs the kind of board that would fit you perfectly.

Surfboards’ buoyancy plays a significant role in how it floats with a surfer’s weight on it, and hence it is crucial to consider your weight and height while choosing a surfboard. An excellent way to ensure you have got the buoyancy right is by referencing a surfboard volume chart, which shows the volume relative to your body weight. World Surf Store offers personalized assistance in pairing surfers with the right volume surfboards.

Type of Waves and Surfing Style

Your preference of the waves you ride and the style of surfing you aspire to do can influence the type of surfboard you should choose.

For smaller, slower-moving waves, a longboard or a foamboard is a great choice as they allow you to slide smoothly onto the wave with their excellent planing surface. For larger, quicker waves, a more agile board like a shortboard can prove advantageous. World Surf Store is a great resource for various types of surfboards suitable for different wave conditions and surfing styles.

Trying Before Buying

No amount of theoretical knowledge matches the practical experience of actually trying a surfboard. While online shopping doesn’t allow for physical testing of the board, World Surf Store provides thorough product details, customer reviews, and dedicated customer service that ensures you get as close to a “try before you buy” experience as possible online.


In conclusion, choosing the right surfboard is a critical task yet rewarding when done right. Considerations ranging from your skill level, physical build, preferred surfing style, and even the type of waves you want to ride define the perfect surfboard for you. Luckily, online surf shops such as World Surf Store provide not only an extensive selection of surfboards but also expert advice essential for making the right decision. But remember, the best surfboard is one you have the most fun on, so happy surfing!

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