Just recently, Blythe Dolls have become hugely popular among select doll collectors! Interestingly, the first Blythe Dolls were created and sold in 1972 by Kenner (toy company now out of business). The dolls were designed by Allison Katzman in 1972 with the notable feature of their huge eyes being able to change colors by pulling a string.

The first Blythe dolls were only sold for about one year – there just wasn’t much interest – yet, who knew that they would become Extremely popular 30 some years later?

The Blythe Dolls’ rise to popularity is incredibly unique! It seems a TV producer, Gina Garan decided to practice photography using a 1972 Blythe Doll. In 2001 she published a book with her Blythe Doll photos.

How Blythe Dolls Became Collectible - Digytalia

The book inspired Hasbro (license holder) to give Takara of Japan a license to produce Blythe Dolls. These dolls were named NEO Blythe Dolls. The dolls were a “hit” in Japan, so Hasbro gave the license to Ashton Drake to produce the dolls in the US. The Blythe Dolls became quite a niche product among a select group in the US.

Blythe dolls price range is quite broad and there are a lot of companies selling them. But the biggest company that sells Blythe dolls and accessories for Blythe is This is Blythe. You can find numerous This Is Blythe reviews online with satisfied customers from all over the world. The NEO Blythe Dolls by Takara sell at around $60 retail – yet the first releases and limited editions are quite collectible and are priced higher.

The most collectible Blythe Dolls are the original 1972 Blythe Dolls made by Kenner. They can fetch upwards to over a thousand dollars!

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