There are many women all over the country who are taking an interest in self-defense. They may take classes and training seminars on how to protect themselves if they are confronted. Some women may even want to consider buying a handgun. These firearms can provide the ultimate line of defense between a woman and an attacker. If you are one of these women, you might want to get some basic advice on the different models available to you. There are a number of good handgun models and ammo deals, especially if you search online. You can read through this guide to get some information on what to expect from these.

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Ruger LCR .22

The first to check in to is the Ruger LCR .22 Mag revolver. This is a compact handgun that actually delivers quite a powerful punch. Its small size makes it perfect for women who would like to conceal it in their purse. You may want to get a concealed carry license before you buy this gun. This is also a great model for you if you are still not confident in handling a larger firearm. It fits perfectly in to the palm. Ballistics tests have proven that you will still get a fair amount of stopping power when you use this model.

Remington R1 Carry

Another gun to keep an eye out for is the Remington R1 Carry. This is a much larger model than the other ones. It has quite a bit of kickback to it, so you will likely want to practice with it first. You may want to save this for the time when you become better trained with the other guns out there. But if you feel confident in your shot, this is a great model to choose. It even has a smooth wood finish to it that looks very professional.

CZ 75 Compact SDP handgun

The next gun to consider may be the CZ 75 Compact SDP handgun. This is a new model that has been released which also features a compact size. However, it is much different than the revolver model that you have seen before. It carries a small size clip that may be easier for you to reload in a hurry. This can be perfect if you are dealing with multiple attackers or if you simply want to fire them off at the range. Take a look at its sleek design to decide whether you would want to add it to your collection.

Glock 30S

Finally, you may want to look for the Glock 30S. This model has a 10 round capacity, despite its small size. You may be impressed by how lightweight this model is. It packs a powerful charge in to this small frame, however. It is only about 5 inches tall, even when it has the magazine installed in the bottom. This will allow it to be stored anywhere, whether in your car or along with you in your purse. It is also one of the most affordable models that are out there. You will be able to find it for around $600 at different stores around you.

No matter which one you choose, make sure you feel confident using it. You will want to be able to fire it off in almost any situation.

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