Many families end up unhappy because they don’t know how important choosing the right dog breed is. It can be the difference between a long, wonderful life with your dog, and only a few months before you decide that this beautiful puppy is better suited to another person.

There are more variables involved than most people think when choosing the right dog breed, the perfect breed for their life, their family, and their home. Use these guidelines to figure out if the puppy that’s staring at you is the one for you.

Your Home

If you have a tiny one-bedroom apartment, you’re not going to do well with a Cane Corso for example who’s going to need plenty of room to move around. Even Cane Corso puppies, as cute as they are and as small they are now, they will soon be pretty big.

And consider that in the city, a dog that needs plenty of exercise – like a Border collie, or a Jack Russell terrier – won’t do well in such a confined space.

Your Time

Golden retrievers are the most popular dog breed for both singles and families. But if you’re working 10-hour days, and barely have time to sleep, a dog like this isn’t going to do well in your home.

Consider how much time you really have to play, feed, water, train and take care of a dog. Someone who always needs your love and attention isn’t going to be welcomed after a hard day at work.

And try to be realistic here as well. It’s a great thought that you’re going to spend every weekend at the park with a big, yellow tennis ball, but will you really want that?

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Noise Level

Some dogs are louder than others – while all dogs bark, you have to realize that others just get more excitable, and therefore are louder. It’s a fact of life.

If you’re living in your own home, or out in the country, it’s not a problem at all if your dog is loud. But when Mrs. Miller in the apartment next door has to smack the walls because Fido is still up at 3am… well, it’s not a happy time. Choosing the right dog breed means choosing the one your neighbors won’t come to hate as well.

Intelligence Verses Breeding

Some dogs are both extremely popular and extremely smart. But many of these ‘fad’ breeds that so many are flocking to aren’t exactly ranking high on the intelligence meter. Why?

Well, when a dog is bred so many times to achieve a certain look, style, or feel, the breeders aren’t concerned with their brains – just their looks.

If you want the newest and cutest dog that Paris Hilton or Britney Spears has, that’s fine. But realize that he’s going to be harder to train and much less intelligent than the golden retriever down the street.


When choosing the right dog breed, you can never really know exactly what breed is right for you, but you can make an educated guess based on your life, your wants, and your needs. Really look into the breed before you get any dog, and you’ll have a good companion no matter what.

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