Patent An Idea

We’re all full of ideas. Once in awhile though we come up with a thought to patent an idea that can magically transform our lives. Patent ideas aren’t unheard of anymore. In fact, people, large and small businesses, and universities come up with them all the time.

Not just anyone can patent an idea. Many of us just can’t get our ideas on paper. In order to patent an idea, we must be very thorough in our research and even more thorough on our application for the patent. Then, there’s the process of applying for the patent. To patent an idea a person must have patience and information at his or her fingertips to help through the entire process.

When you’re ready to patent an idea, it’s always best to have a patent agency, such as InventHelp to help in this process – learn more about InventHelp. However, you can do a patent search on your own to get additional information. This can also help meld your patent ideas and eventually develop them into inventions.

Consider getting a patent on your idea or invention. This is the only way to protect your intellectual property assets and, in fact, claim ownership of your patent idea. The first person who files for the patent is the one that claims ownership. This is why it’s critical to get the wheels going on your patent idea.

Without a doubt, some people find attorney fees quite expensive. However it is a great idea to get one. If you do the hard work yourself, it should cost a lot less. But due to the complex process of obtaining a patent, it is best to hire a lawyer who will assist you at every step of obtaining a patent. There are also patenting agencies like InventHelp and getting support from InventHelp would be cheaper in the long run anyway.

How Can a Motivational Speaker Help Your Business?

If your employees are in a rut and productivity has decreased, it can also be very stressful for a business owner. Perhaps you have sampled talking and encouraging these or tried to introduced incentive programs to extend production but nothing looks like it’s working. A business motivational speaker make be precisely what you and your people need. There are many benefits that come with hiring a speaker to speak to your employees.

Moral Booster

If you believe your employees need some sort of moral booster, a business motivational speaker is the best source to use. They are specifically trained for the following very thing because their own main objective to speaking may be to motivate your employees. They are experts in such a field because they practice it every day at locations all around the world. They will use a variety of humor, understanding and solutions to make your employee response within a positive way. Take Eric Bailey an motivation and vision speaker, as an example as you can read from

Teach Start up company Ideas

The business world is usually changing very rapidly in today’s economy of course, if a business hopes to compete they have to change with the time. Unfortunately, your employees definitely isn’t so quick to change which can cause tension between the owners and workers. A company motivational speaker is a wonderful person to introduce this change for an employees. They travel around the country and they understand the changes that business owners are faced with and they can relate that need to your employees better as compared to you.

Reinforces Skills

A good business motivational speaker are able to inspire employees to remember and count on the business skills they have learned. The speaker will continue to work to reinforce these ideas and skill back in your employees. These types of skills include organization skills, customer service skills, work ethics and productivity levels. They can also assistance your employees find effective ways of manage their stress both at your workplace and at home and how to properly deal with workplace conflicts.

Find the Right Speaker

When looking to identify a business motivational speaker to talk to your employees, you should try to find one who is a consultant in your specific sector. You certainly would not want a doctor to talk to a group of employees at a manufacturing plant. The speaker must be capable of relate to your employees. You should also discover a speaker who is ready to design their speech around your needs and focus on the points that you desire your employees to hear. Most speakers will customize their speech for your specific needs.

A business motivational speaker and be just what your people need. They may need to be reminded of how important their role in the business is and how to effective they can be. You may feel like you as the business owner or manager are generally already talking to these, but to hear it from another point of view can be very effective. Hiring a speaker are going to be an added business expense nevertheless results will be worthy it.

Financial Advisors Marketing

Where can you look to gain more control over your marketing so that you never squander your time and money?

What can you do to sustain the growth that you are now experiencing?

Which strategies can you call on to propel your financial advisory practice to a higher level of production?

How to generate leads for financial advisors?

Why Marketing For Financial Advisors?

Most financial advisors don’t have a marketing system . . . much less one that’s savvy, strategic and rewarding. Smart financial advisor marketing can deliver the prospects you desire.

It arms you with almost “super power” over your prospecting and lead generating to:

Eliminate the frustrations of hit-or-miss, haphazard marketing and set your marketing on “autopilot” so that it practically runs itself!

Prevent the disappointment of throwing money away on busywork, dead ends, and non-productive detours by giving you a streamlined system, and

Take you directly to cost-effective and proven tools that set you on a course to the growth you’re looking for.

The Right Marketing System Can Help Financial Advisors To:

  • Sidestep common marketing pitfalls and potholes,
  • Forge relationships based on believability and trust,
  • Zoom in on the right prospects at once,
  • Increase referrals by capitalizing on secrets most advisors don’t know,
  • Propel your practice out of the pack to reach a category of one,
  • Add to your book month after month for sustained growth.

Tips on Picking out, Installing and Caring for Granite Countertops

One of the crowning touches in a kitchen is the countertops. Granite is by far the most popular choice these days and is available in over 150 colors. Prices vary from around $40 and up per square foot installed. When deciding what granite color is preferred one needs to think about a few things. The most obvious is the color, which can range from black to beautiful shades of green and red. The second thing to consider is the look of the material.

Some shades of granite are quite uniform, such as Absolute Black, while others are quite varied and mottled. If one looks at a small sample and thinks that it is perfect, one may be disappointed when the full slab has veins and patches of darker colors. Other items that need to be considered are whether or not an under mounted sink is required, type of edging desired, and the backsplash to accompany the new installation. Another concern is the thickness of the granite slab. 3 cm is the recommended thickness, while 2 cm is more likely to incur fractures and breaks. There are a lot of Granite Countertops Metro Detroit companies that offer high quality countertops.

Installation usually takes about 1 day, unless the demolition or installation is quite complex. All items in the lower cabinet should be removed to prevent dust and debris from getting in them during the demolition process of the old countertops. Expect a fair amount of dust from the demolition and installation. Also don’t expect the old backsplash to be salvageable. Once the granite has been installed the undermount sink will be glued into place and any other items will be dropped in as necessary.

Any seals are then filled with epoxy to conceal them. Now that the granite is in, and the glue has had time to dry, the backsplash needs to be installed as does the sink drains and fixture. If there are cooktops or other appliances, they will need to be installed also. The entire process from the start of installation to finish usually takes approximately a week.

Caring for your granite is pretty simple. Your granite will be installed and sealed so it is ready for use. But you will need to reseal the granite on an annual basis. This is a simple process of just wiping the granite with a liquid sealant available at most hardware stores. While granite is hard, special care needs to be taken not to scratch the surface with hard objects such as diamond rings, tools or knives. People should never walk on top of the countertop or place extremely heavy objects on it. Heat should not be an issue since granite was formed at very high temperatures.

Why is Smart to Protect My Invention?

If you are new to the inventive scene, you may be thinking to yourself, “How do I protect my invention?” Obtaining patent protection for an invention can be very important to its successful commercialization. A lack of such protection means that potentially anyone can copy your invention and unfairly profit from it and also means that you cannot license your invention.

How do I Protect my Invention?

The US patent office, grants two kinds of patents. The standard patent affords the applicant sole control over their invention for up to 20 years. An innovation patent only lasts for up to 8 years and is a speedier, cheaper alternative to the standard patent. Innovation patents also require a lower threshold of inventiveness, whereby the invention includes an innovative step rather than an inventive step. Renewal fees apply for both types. If you are confused it would be wise to get help for your invention.

The first port of call when seeking to protect your invention may be in the form of a provisional application which provides you with 12 months to further develop both your invention and your patent specification. Filing the provisional application (with the relevant patent office) creates a priority date, so that the protection afforded to your idea can claim this date. Before the 12 month period has lapsed, you must file a complete application to proceed to the next step of securing your patent(s).

How do I protect my invention in other countries?

Protecting your invention in another country is started by way of filing a complete patent application. It may be in the form of a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, which establishes a priority date in all of the 140 or so countries signatory to the PCT. Establishing protection in a particular country is then simply a matter of filing a “national phase application” in each country you desire. This must be carried out within 30 or 31 months of the priority date, depending on the country.

How do I get assistance with protecting my invention?

Identifying the numerous angles from which competitors may attempt to encroach on your invention is extremely important to shield the invention as thoroughly as possible from the outset. Therefore, your provisional patent application should certainly be professionally prepared by a patent attorney or agency like InventHelp, who is qualified to represent a patent applicant or patent holder as shown on InventHelp reviews on Consumeraffairs.

Real Estate Tools for Agents

Generating Real Estate Leads With Color

The psychology of color is often discussed to predict how it will affect people’s behavior and decisions. In addition, color trends not only vary by season, but industry and region as well.

So, is there a best color for generating the most leads on your Real Estate website?

And will it be the same tomorrow, or next year?

Does a best color for your Real Estate website really exist? In a word: Yes.

But the answer may surprise you.

Real Estate Tools for Agents

Blue, Red, or Green?

What stands out gets remembered, what blends in gets ignored.

Based on behavioral results from separate tests conducted by Dr. Hedwig von Restorff and Paras Chopra (founder of Visual Website Optimizer), elements such as words, links, and buttons that are a different color than the majority of their surroundings get the most attention.

In short, if most of your website is gray and your call-to-action buttons are also gray, they won’t get as much action as they would if they were green (or red or purple or blue).

The BEST Color for Generating Real Estate Leads

So, what is the best color generating leads on your Real Estate website?

Answer: the one that stands out.

Use a basic color (or colors) for the main portions of your website and choose a stand-out color for your call-to-action elements.

Take Action

Add Links, buttons, and contact form boxes (and anything else that asks visitors to take action) that are all the same stand-out color.

According to, choosing a WordPress theme and Real Estate plugins that make it easy to add buttons and customize colors will make this process as simple as possible.

Choosing the Right Business Telephone System

When it comes to finding the perfect business telephone system it can quickly become a very long and tedious task. This is because there are now so many different system packages to choose from and narrowing these down to the ultimate business telephone system can be a demanding task. Each business has its own requirements in order to suit its particular needs.

The core success of any business lies in the choice of the business telephone system such as ATS Telecoms –  This fundamental aspect of the business is now more important than ever. This is because it is the heart of the company’s communication, whether this being externally with customers and suppliers or internally with the staff.

The following check list highlights the guidelines to have available when searching for your business phone system:

  • Estimated Number of Staff and System Users
  • Necessary System Features Required
  • Additional Features You Would Like
  • Essential Expandability Requirements
  • Future Costs to Maintain/Upgrade the System
  • Disruption Involved During Installation
  • Pre-existing Network Configuration

Understand What Your Office Needs

When choosing a new a telephone system you don’t have to be a phone expert or a technically minded individual to make the right decision however, it is important that you know the basics of what you want. Office phone systems come with many different functions such as Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Logging, VoIP compatible etc. So it is important to identify what you need from your system so that can ensure that is perfect for your business communications.

Chlamydia Symptoms, Complications And Treatment

If you are a sexually active man or woman, there is need to get tested for Chlamydia. Like other common STIs, the lack of symptoms does not necessarily mean that you do not have Chlamydia as some people do not notice any symptoms and thus, you should regularly go for Chlamydia testing as long as you are sexually active. The condition is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. Chlamydia can be passed from one infected person to another through anal, vaginal and oral sex. The best way to protect yourself is to practice safe sex.

What are the Symptoms of Chlamydia

If you are worried about Chlamydia or you have had unprotected sex, you should get tested. You should note that about 50-percent of men and 70-percent of women do not experience symptoms and when they occur, they can be easily mistaken for other STDs. In cases where the symptoms occur, they usually appear after one week from the time a person engaged in unprotected sex but the Chlamydia symptoms can also take up to three weeks to show.

Chlamydia Testing and Treatment

Anyone who is sexually active can get Chlamydia but the risk of infection is high among young people. In fact, experts recommend that sexually active women below the ages of 25 should go for Chlamydia testing at least once annually as explained on Mylabbox.

Like any other STD, Chlamydia can lead to complications if it is not detected and treated early. If the condition is not treated early enough, it can cause pelvic inflammatory disease affecting the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes in women. The advanced cases of Chlamydia can cause infertility in women. In men, the condition can cause epididymitis, urethritis and reactive arthritis. Chlamydia testing and treatment is easy and straightforward. It can be done using urine or a swab. If the test comes out positive, the condition is treated with antibiotics.

In order to get the actual result, you should only test Chlamydia using the first catch urine. You should also not urinate for at least two hours before providing the sample. Women should also not cleanse the labial area before proving the specimen. You should be careful when giving the urine to avoid diluting the sample. If the test comes out positive, you should avoid sex until the infection is treated to avoid spreading it to your partner. Your partner should also get tested as you can also get another infection after treatment.

Tips to Remember if You want to Try Veganism Lifestyle

You have definitely come across a vegan or the idea of Veganism. As much as you have depended on animal sources of food as your main protein source, you should prepare for a big change. Becoming a vegan is not just about a change in diet. It is a complete lifestyle change. Before you hop to the other side, here are a few things you need to expect and be prepared for.

Questions from families and friends

Food is an important part of one’s belief. Once you stop eating the food which you were brought up by questions will arise. Your parents will think that you are challenging their judgment for good foods. Friends may wonder why the change has become. They may be quite skeptical and avoid being on dinner tables with you. This I just a heads up of the reactions you might get.

With that said and done, what are the nutritional changes you need to prepare for in your diet? Here goes.

Replacement of animal protein with plant proteins

This is going to be one of the major changes in your diet. Animal proteins range from milk, poultry, beef, and fish and so on. As a non-vegan, you will realize that this takes a huge part of your diet. Replacing these proteins, however, should not be difficult especially with vegan meats. As a vegan, you will notice that protein sources are many and you will need to choose from a variety.

Watch out for too much soy

Soy is the most common source of protein for most vegans. However, if overdone, it may come with health complications. You should avoid processed soy and look out for safer soy. These include forms such as soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and miso. Over processed soy has a high concentration of sodium, which is not good for the body. Scientists have proven that overconsumption of soy protein has severe health indications compared to excess animal protein

Vitamin supplements

There are specific vitamins and minerals, which only come from animal sources. You will need to have supplements of Vitamin B12, Zinc, Riboflavin and Iron. The richest source of iron in a non-vegan diet is red meat. You now understand that you will not be taking any more of that.

Watch out for junk food

When you will be replacing proteins, you will realize that bread and pasta have certain amounts of protein. However, be warned not to take too much of these for the sake of protein. Remember highly processed foods should be avoided because it will be similar to consuming junk food. It would be worse to come from a no-vegan lifestyle and fall into a junk food culture. This will expose you to other diseases and add weight to your body.

Highly processed foods have cases of the included ingredients from animal origin. These include; gelatin, whey, and casein. Therefore, you have to be ready to read all labels of food products you will be purchasing from your stores. A completely vegan food may have traces of animal products in them.

Why neon signs benefit your business

Neon signs are arguably the most interesting signage out there. Neon lightning creates a very classy feeling with its radiant shine and vivid colors. Also, although neon signs are associated with nightlife, neon signs can create a very distinct aura about your business even if the business is operational only during daylight hours. Neon signs aren’t exclusive to night time, as they can be seen during the day, but the specific glow makes them especially appealing during late hours.

Neon signage was developed in the early 20th century, and some sources say that the first neon signs were actually presented by Nicola Tesla, the famous mad-or-genius-you-decide scientist. However, most sources agree that the true inventor of neon signs was the French inventor Georges Claude. Since their invention, the creating of original neon signs has become a sort of an art, as glass tubes are formed by professional neon tube benders; neon signs are sometimes filled with other gases (for example, argon and helium) to achieve the desired color.

Iconic designs and forms of neon signage, such as neon-tube saxophones for jazz clubs and seductive females for casinos, have become an association with nightlife in general. However, neon signs aren’t limited to businesses that specialize in these areas. It is common to see neon signage used everywhere; by taking nightly walk one can see that neon signs are used by all sorts of businesses.

LED Neon Signs are great for your business, because they act like ordinary signage, but offer a little more. First of all, customers love seeing interesting, eye-candy advertisements. And neon signs certainly look good. Secondly, neon signs create awareness about your brand by being very noticeable during both day and night. And lastly, neon signs create a non-formal image about your business, which is very good for most businesses.