Why travel to the Amazon?

People undertake Amazon travel for a variety of reasons. The foremost is wildlife tours to see the huge variety of insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and even fish to be found on amazon tours.

A second reason is simply to experience the jungle environment which is very different to what most people are used to. A further reason is to meet jungle tribes to see how they live, although this is less common and more difficult due to the need not to disturb their way of life which must be respected.

Additionally the plant-life itself is of course a major attraction as you will see thick jungle containing trees and plants that you may never have seen before, many of which have traditional uses and medicinal properties.

Of course for most people it is often a combination of factors which leads them to take Peru Amazon tours.


The climate in the Amazon Rainforest can generally be described as hot and humid. It can rain at any time of year but there is of course more precipitation in the wet season which does vary somewhat in this vast area. The Amazon can also experience occasional cold snaps which usually only last a couple of days.


It is thought that one in ten of all known species lives in the Amazon and the figures regarding the number of species of flora and fauna to be found are quite amazing. The Amazon Rainforest is simply the most bio-diverse, species rich place on the planet and amazon travel is well worth considering on your Latin America vacation whether on tours of Peru, Ecuador tours or during travel to Brazil or Bolivia.

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