Why Psychotherapy?

How many “WHY” do we ask ourselves every day?

And to how many “WHY” do we have an answer?

We often do not have the time – the energy – or the necessary support to answer these questions.

Psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to explore these questions with the help of an unbiased and non-judgemental therapist NYC that does not know you and is willing to explore with you the paths that lead to the answer you are looking for.

In the psychotherapy world it is often said that the therapist ‘holds a mirror’ and helps clients to see part of themselves that they are not aware.

This cannot be done with your friend, spouse, partner or family member. They might know you very well but they will never be YOU.

Psychotherapy is process that allows you to take full responsibility for your choices and decisions – to gain control of that part of yourself that you did not know before.

Most importantly, psychotherapy helps you to explore and reconnect you with your feelings as they are the voices of both your body and soul.

Listening to your true feelings will help you make better decisions and to discover the inner treasures you were not aware of.

Psychotherapy is the journey of transformation of the WHY into the WHERE and HOW.

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