Why neon signs benefit your business

Neon signs are arguably the most interesting signage out there. Neon lightning creates a very classy feeling with its radiant shine and vivid colors. Also, although neon signs are associated with nightlife, neon signs can create a very distinct aura about your business even if the business is operational only during daylight hours. Neon signs aren’t exclusive to night time, as they can be seen during the day, but the specific glow makes them especially appealing during late hours.

Neon signage was developed in the early 20th century, and some sources say that the first neon signs were actually presented by Nicola Tesla, the famous mad-or-genius-you-decide scientist. However, most sources agree that the true inventor of neon signs was the French inventor Georges Claude. Since their invention, the creating of original neon signs has become a sort of an art, as glass tubes are formed by professional neon tube benders; neon signs are sometimes filled with other gases (for example, argon and helium) to achieve the desired color.

Iconic designs and forms of neon signage, such as neon-tube saxophones for jazz clubs and seductive females for casinos, have become an association with nightlife in general. However, neon signs aren’t limited to businesses that specialize in these areas. It is common to see neon signage used everywhere; by taking nightly walk one can see that neon signs are used by all sorts of businesses.

LED Neon Signs are great for your business, because they act like ordinary signage, but offer a little more. First of all, customers love seeing interesting, eye-candy advertisements. And neon signs certainly look good. Secondly, neon signs create awareness about your brand by being very noticeable during both day and night. And lastly, neon signs create a non-formal image about your business, which is very good for most businesses.

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