The trailer tyre is a type of tyre especially made for trailer type vehicles. The trailer tyre is often slightly bigger or wider than the tyre used in a car, van or sports utility vehicle. The trailer tyre also makes use of thick rubber and has grooves and treads on them.

The reason why the trailer tyre has to be bigger than the regular car, van or sports utility vehicle tyre is that the trailer tyre needs to support the weight and size of the trailer. Often, trailers carry different heavy objects such as furniture, cars, motorcycles. Trailers may also carry people such as families who are going on camping trips.

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Also, the trailer tyre has to be larger than regular tyres so that the trailer will be safer to drive. When the tyre is larger in size, more rubber comes in contact with the ground. When there is more contact with the ground, there is more traction. With more traction, the vehicle will be easier to control; hence, it is safer.

Using Trailer Tyre

It is good to use a trailer tyre because it fits more into the wheel compartment of trailer type vehicles. Also, the large size of the trailer tyre provides support to the trailer. The trailer tyre enables the trailer to become stable during turns on road curves.

Acquiring A Trailer Tyre

The trailer tyre is often available in vehicle parts and accessories shops as well as in vehicle dealerships selling trailers. Similarly, the trailer tyre may be purchased from second-hand vehicle shops or online shops, such as Nettotrailer. Moreover, dealerships and vehicle repair shops offer services on installing tyres on trailers.

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