Tips On Choosing The Right Pet For Your Family

There is an enormous variety of pets to choose from. Important factors to consider are your lifestyle, your interests, and your present and future circumstances. You have to consider the difference between raising a pet from puppy hood and getting it as an adult.

Consider the size – small pets do not necessary require a big space but needs more exercise that big ones. You also need to decide whether to get a purebred, a crossbreed, or a random breed. Lastly, you should make sure that you are getting your new pet from a very good source.

Should I get a puppy or an adult?

The biggest advantage of getting an adult pet is that it is usually potty trained. You also will not have to guess its final size and personality. Although it may act very friendly around you, it is possible that it has hidden behavioral problems such as dislike of children. If you are planning on getting an adult pet, execute a small test in order to learn more about its temperament and personality. Observe the pet’s behavior as you approach it. You may want to walk it past another pet or a child that it has not met before to see it’s reaction.

Puppies on the other hand are still at an impressionable and primary learning stage of life. You may even notice a difference in behavior of a 10 week old puppy from the rest of its litter. Each one will have its own distinct personality. The timid one usually clings to their mother or may cringe in corners, while the outgoing one would march toward you in confidence. These two examples are the extremes of temperament within the litter.

There are obviously more factors to consider when choosing a suitable pet as you can read from MentalItch blog, but we have covered the major ones today. It is important to carefully look into every aspect of making the best choice before you get your pet – the new member of your family.

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