The winter season brings the massive Humpback Whales to the islands of Hawaii each year. They usually arrive about the 15th of December and are in full view until their departure in mid May.

Throughout this period these whales can be found almost everywhere as they mate, calve, court, play, and at times involve themselves in power struggles during the migration. Their movements are closely watched by whale researchers and many studies are made during these annual visits, the humpbacks are absolutely fascinating.

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From the time they leave their winter feeding grounds in Alaska and Canada to come South to Hawaii they never eat. During the entire five plus months they are away from their homes they simply live off their accumulated fat. There is just so much interesting information that is available on these marvelous creatures that you will be captivated by their story.

Humpback whales put on a spectacular show.

Humpback whales travel in “pods” (groups) and are usually spotted by the sight of their tremendous “blow” – their great exhalation when they reach the surface. The whales typically remain on the surface ten or fifteen minutes, playing, slapping their flukes, waving their tails and launching their massive bodies high in the air in a “breach”. Soon, the whales flip their tails and “sound”, diving deep into the ocean depths.

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Narration and interpretation of whale movements are provided on most whale watching boats in Hawaii. You’ll find yourself wanting to know more about these fascinating creatures.

A two-hour whale watch trip may not be enough to satisfy your curiosity about these marine mammals. You may want to go on a couple of different trips during your holidays.

Many types of boats offer whale watching. Large ones provide stability on the ocean. Some have upper decks for greater viewing capacity. Rafts (zodiacs) and kayaks are more adventurous, more intimate and give more of a ‘whale’s-eye’ view of the surroundings. They are not for everyone however. Pregnant women or those with bad backs should consider a larger, more stable vessel.

Morning is usually the best time for whale watching in Hawaii. The ocean tends to be flatter, making the whales easier to spot. Children love whale watching! The price for kids is usually half of the adult fare. Larger boats provide them with room to run around.

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