Tights Will Keep You Warm

This is the key advantage to Tights or leggings over shorts. Whether you run, cycle, walk, rappel, or do any other outdoor workout, you will probably at some point have to work out in the cold. Some people hate altering their regular workout clothing. They’ll stick with their running shorts even when it’s far too cold to do so, imagining they’ll prove their moxie by tapping into hidden resources of grit to stay warm by sheer act of will.

That’s really just silly. When it’s cold out, you need good, warm workout clothes to help your muscles to stay warm. This is especially true when you first begin your workout. Leggings will help assure that your legs won’t freeze up and cramp. Plus, unlike sweatpants, leggings are not overly bulky, and good quality leggings such as theĀ Glyder leggings are made of wicking materials allow your skin to breathe.

So what should you look for when you go to your workout clothes resource and look for tights? First, there’s that wicking material. Especially if you’re going to be working out in your tights for a long period of time, you’ll feel better if you buy tights made from a material that wicks sweat away from your body. Buy tights that are snug, but not too tight. You want them to move with you and feel comfortable, like a second skin.

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