The chakra is the center of energy in our body. The chakra existing between our two eyes is the third eye chakra. The several chakras in our body are the openings through which life energy flows in and out of our aura. The vitalization of the physical body and facilitation of development of self-consciousness is the main function of the chakras. They contribute towards our emotional, mental and physical interactions.

The major chakras are seven in number and aura is the eighth chakra. The first chakra, the root, hangs away from one’s body and exists between the thighs, about halfway between the knees and the physical body. The seventh chakra, also called the “crown” and is located on one’s top of the head while the rest chakras namely solar plexus, sacral, heart, throat, and Third Eye Chakra aligns with neck, spine, and skull as well as between eyebrows respectively.

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The chakras are very similar to funnels with openings petal like. These are all invisible for the human eye but may be felt and perceived by an energyworker trained in that trait. The evaluation of chakras can be done by a seer having very good understanding of the functions of the body parts and trained specifically in this field. A seer skilled in reading chakras can tell one which of his chakras is not functioning properly and which of chakras overworks. Some of the chakras may be under-performing, and in that case the remaining are have to take up extra burden to offset the deficit. A non-functioning chakra is detrimental to the future prospect.

As a person dislocates his hip or back, he visits a physiotherapist for its re-adjustments, so, a person affected with imbalance of chakras visits a healer experienced enough to regulate the flow of energy in the body and re-align the improperly located chakras. It may require more than one consultation with the practitioner to get things set right, and to get one’s energy level upgraded. After that, one can resort to some such activities that facilitate to keep the chakras open for the flowing of energy naturally.

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