Refurbished iPhone

Have you ever taken advantage of Apple’s warranty and received a new device under the warranty scheme? Then you already have experience with the refurbished iPhone without knowing it. Although Apple states that the customer receives a new device, in reality they receive a refurbished device. That is why Apple also regularly holds (trade-in) promotions to pick up old devices.

You can also simply buy a refurbished iPhone yourself with attractive discounts of up to 75% of the new price. Although this device is not or hardly inferior to a new device, these are easily hundreds of dollars cheaper. In addition, a refurbished iPhone, just like a new iPhone, has a 12-month warranty.

Warranty on a refurbished iPhone

A good refurbished iPhone is not inferior to a new device. You will receive a 12-month warranty on all refurbished iPhones, just like on a new device. If the appliance becomes defective within this period, it will be replaced by a new appliance or repaired free of charge.

How does an iPhone receive the ‘Refurbished’ label?

‘Refurbish’ doesn’t mean much more than ‘renovation’. In this respect, any device whose battery has been replaced, for example, can be labeled ‘refurbished’. After all, the battery of the device has been ‘renovated’. There are therefore numerous providers of Refurbished iPhones of which only the battery (or sometimes even nothing at all) has been replaced. However, such a device fits better in the ‘second-hand’ category.

A completely renovated device is equipped with, among other things, a new battery, dock connector, front and rear, display and buttons. These are the most vulnerable parts of the device, the other parts usually last for years. Because the most vulnerable parts have all been replaced, you will receive a standard 12-month warranty on a fully refurbished device.

It should be clear that the ‘refurbished’ label is fairly easy to deal with online. It is therefore important to check carefully which parts have been replaced. We recommend that you do not look at any devices whose status is not as new. Many providers offer devices with so-called user traces. However, these are in fact just second-hand devices.

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