Patenting An Idea

Here are the four main reasons why Getting A Patent fails.

  • First reason- THE INVENTION IS NOT NEW

The invention should be patentable. Patents are a set of exclusive rights given to an inventor by the state granting the sole right to prohibit others from using, making or selling the novel invention. This is only limited to a period of time.

If you think that you already invented something that is unique and original and are thinking of applying a patent for your invention, then, it would be best for you to prepare for it before the application. You can check some journals about similar products; compare it to your invention. You can also search it online for verification purposes that indeed there are no products that are the same as yours.

  • Second reason- DO NOT TELL ANYONE

As much as possible, do not tell anyone yet about your invention. Just keep it to yourself first. Do not attempt to do anything such as making a report or boasting it to others as they may have chances of getting the details about your product and may start copying it without your knowledge.


You need to clearly state and describe your invention detail by detail and word for word when you are applying a patent for your product. Discuss it in way that they can clearly understand all the information about your invention. You need to be specific and understandable when you are describing it to them. You can jot down few key points about your product while you are sitting down and flesh them out to have a final draft of your report. Learn more from


Include all details about your invention when you are writing the draft. The drawings, diagrams and measurements, make sure to not miss them. You also need to state in writing how your product differs from any other similar one; as much as possible prove to them that your invention is indeed original. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, prepare everything before having your initial interview with the patent attorney.

Those are just few of the common mistakes of inventors who wanted to file a patent. If you want to have a better chance of succeeding, then do your part: avoid those mistakes mentioned, draft every detail about it and keep it a secret until the day that you will be filing the patent as discussed in article.

It is common for people to boast to anyone if we found something unique or that is new to us. For filing a patent, just keep yourself calm and keep everything as a secret.

Once your patent application is granted, then you can enjoy marketing your product to companies. Just keep mind that you need to pay the renewal fees to keep the patent enforced; fees are paid on a yearly basis.

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