Patent / Utility Model

“Patent Right” is the most important part of industrial property rights. This right is even more important in countries that develop technology, especially in terms of being an intermediary in technology transfer.

In order to keep up with today’s developing technology and to be different from the competitors in the competitive market environment, companies and individuals are competing with each other to make the products more functional for the use of people, as well as producing new inventions every day.

However, your inventions; In order to prevent unauthorized use, claim and imitation of the work of the main inventor by others, it must be protected by registration.

You can protect your inventions by registering them both at home and abroad and there are patent companies such as InventHelp that could help you with that.

Overseas Patent Registration

As with all industrial property rights, only the country in which they are registered is valid for patent registrations. If the patent owner wants to protect his invention in other countries, he has to register his patent in the relevant countries. Patent owners have two alternatives to register their inventions in other countries.

The first way is to protect the patent in the requested countries by making separate applications through authorized patent attorneys operating in that country. Application separately in each of the countries where registration is requested.

It is quite costly to do. Such protection requests should only be preferred when registration is requested in countries that are not members of certain international agreements.

The second way is to request protection with a single application in one of the countries that are members of international agreements or in more than one country as explained by Invent Help professionals.

One of these agreements is the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). According to this agreement; the applicant can request registration protection in all or some of the PCT member states with a single application.

The other one is the EUROPEAN PATENT AGREEMENT (EPC – European Patent Convention). With a patent application to be made in accordance with the European patent agreement, it is possible to obtain patent protection in all or some of the member countries of the agreement.

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