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Obtaining a New Birth Certificate

Obtaining a New Birth Certificate - Digytalia

Should you end up losing several forms of identification at once, such as when a wallet is lost, a birth certificate may be the only way to go about rebuilding your identity. Without a driver’s license or valid social security card, it can be difficult sometimes to obtain new copies of those documents. Typically, only what the state calls primary documents are accepted when attempting to obtain new copies of drivers licenses and social security cards. Primary documents include a birth certificate or passport.

Before heading to the Department of Motor Vehicles or Social Security Office, be sure that your birth certificate will satisfy their requirements. A proof of birth or hospital bill is not adequate in this case. Souvenir certificates sometimes issued by hospitals are not considered valid documents. Even if you have an actual birth certificate, the document must have a raised state or county seal to be considered an authoritative primary document. Without the raised seal, the document cannot be considered as proof for obtaining new documents.

Obtaining a New Birth Certificate - Digytalia

If you do not have a valid birth certificate, obtaining a new one is fortunately fairly easy. Most state governments will mail out a birth certificate on demand, for a small fee. Typically, no proof of identification is required, with the birth certificate simply being mailed to the requesting individual. The process for obtaining a new birth certificate is different in every state, so check with a local government office for more information on how to proceed.

If going through the state government sounds like too much of a headache, there are also many online services that will take your information and do the processing for you. Whereas ordering directly from the local government will only incur a shipping fee, working with online companies will typically cost a little extra. The convenience of simply filling out a form online may be worth it in some cases. Although identification is usually not a requirement, some states will demand a sworn and notarized statement from the individual requesting the new birth certificate.

Getting a New Birth Certificate in Texas

If you have been born in Texas, the process of getting a new birth certificate is relatively easy. As with most states, you can apply directly through the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) or via an online service. If you need your certificate fast, you can hire birth certificate Texas services to help you get your certificate quickly. You can also request that the DSHS send your birth certificate to a third party if you have specific needs such as applying for a passport.

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