To be certain that your stuff get to your new home in one piece and solid, you should seek out a trained professional. Still, trying to save money, many people in Washington DC choose to do their packing themselves.

Plan Your Move On Time

If you decide to do your own packing, do not leave everything for the last day. Start planning for your move as soon as you can, because it is a huge process, and if you wait too long, you may find yourself overwhelmed and out of time before you can finish.

First of all, make a file of stuff that you require to set out for moving. Check with your transporter or ask online about probable habits to pack them. You should be especially careful about the way you pack frail objects.


Make sure you stock up on enough packaging supplies. Ask, at your local grocery or wine store for some empty boxes. These carton boxes can be useful when packing small items like cooking utensils, clothing, and other knickknacks. Plastic containers can also be used for this and then washed out and used again and again afterward!

When wrapping breakable items, you can use your garments and linen or you can purchase bubble wrap, too. Old newspapers are great for this! But, remember, they can leave stains on clothes and other things.

Shipping tape is needed for securing boxes and markers are handy for keeping track of what’s inside. If you label your boxes, it will be helpful when it comes to unpacking.

When sealing the boxes, make sure their tops are flat. Over packing can result in damaged products. Boxes containing the fragile items must be marked. Be sure and mark the containers of things that you need right away so that they can be a top priority for unloading.

Write your name on the top of each box to ensure that your possessions don’t get lost or unloaded at the wrong place. It is a good idea to make a list of boxes and their contents in case anything gets lost or damaged.

You will also need scissors and a sharp knife for unpacking. Comprise these items into your shopping inventory, when preparing for stuffing your belongings.

You can pack your clothes into clear garbage bags so that you see what things are packed in each bag. You should not use thin bags because they can tear apart easily. Many long distance moving companies frown upon on clients who use garbage bags to pack their possessions. Minimize their use by purchasing the thickest bags possible.

There is one final thing you must remember. Generally, your relocation company will be accountable for any damage your possessions incur during their transit to your new home. The mover is only accountable for damage done to the outer portions of the carton if this one was packed by the owner. For that reason, you should only hire insured moving companies, such as Washington DC movers MyProMovers.

This means, if you do not set your belongings properly, you are accountable for the damage caused. Keep in mind that the relocation company has the right to refuse carrying a packaged that is not boxed up to their standard and will ask the customer to repack the packaged goods.

In order to avoid damage, you should double check yourself whether all the things are properly packed and all the cartons are carefully sealed.

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