How to Get a Patent on Something

Having a patent helps in protecting your original idea, product or invention from any kind of misuse. Before planning to file for patent of the great idea, it is vital to know all the patent type, things that can and cannot be patented and process of obtaining patent. If you are among one of the great inventors and are planning to go for a patent filing, it’s a good idea to know on how to patent on something.

Inventors can patent on something when he/she really wants to put the idea or the imagination into a real one. The patent is done with the aim of protecting the idea. Patenting on something lasts for twenty years from the date of filing the patent as seen on In addition to this, it is a way of doing business where the inventor earns money by selling the idea. Inventors sell the idea to the company that fits the type of invention.

The company pays the inventor and after that the company has the right to sell the product in the market. It is  possible to patent on something, some idea or invention that is eligible of filing the patent application. The following are the types of patent that can be patented.

Types of Patent

Design patent: This type of patent refers to ornamental designs for the manufacture. The inventor creates a unique and authentic ornamental design. This is a patent for decorative items and can also relate with toys, furniture, etc.

Utility patent: This is an invention that relates to the benefit of the society as a whole. It can be discovery of machines, manufacturing processes, matter, etc. Utility invention is invention for a useful purpose.

Plant Utility: This patent is granted for invention of a new plant variety. The plant can be used for any purposes and the invention should add something new to the human race.

Invention related on any of the above three types can be patented. One can patent something related with the patent types like design, utility, and plant patent. However, it is not possible to patent the natural process. Abstract idea, physical phenomena, natural products and laws of nature are exempted from patent. This means one cannot apply for patent in these areas.

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