Innovations and invention ideas are the lifeblood of growth in industries. Protecting these innovative ideas is crucial to the success of an individual or company. The process of obtaining a patent can seem daunting but it is manageable if you understand the fundamentals and follow the prescribed steps. How to patent a new product idea?

An important ally that can assist inventors throughout this process is InventHelp, a service company dedicated to helping inventors navigate the patent process while providing resources for additional support.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a form of legal protection for inventions. Provided by the government, it grants the patent holder the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using or selling the invention for a predefined period, usually 20 years from the filing date.

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Steps to File for a Patent

How to file a patent for your invention idea and how long does it take?

  • Determine the Type of Patent Needed: Depending on your invention, you will either need a utility, design, or a plant patent.
  • Ensure Your Invention is Novel: Run a thorough search through existing patents and other public disclosures to ensure your invention isn’t already patented or publicly disclosed.
  • Prepare Detailed Drawings and Description: This is vital for the approval of your patent application. The more detailed and clearer your invention documentation, the easier it will be for the patent examiner to understand your invention and approve your patent.
  • File a Provisional or Non-Provisional Patent Application: A provisional patent application is not examined by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and allows you to “hold” a filing date for your invention while you prepare your non-provisional patent application.
  • Prepare and File Your Complete Application Form with USPTO: Your complete application will need abstracts, specifications, claims, and necessary drawings. The USPTO website provides detailed instructions on how to complete this step.
  • Work with the Patent Examiner: After filing your application, a patent examiner will review it. You may have to amend your claims or arguments to get your patent approved.
  • Pay the Necessary Fees: Make sure to review the current fee schedule to understand the costs involved in filing and maintaining a patent.

How Can InventHelp Help You?

InventHelp is a leading inventor service that can assist with all aspects of the patent process.

Applying for a patent is not a walk in the park due to its comprehensive, demanding nature. This is where InventHelp comes into play. Committing to its mission of helping inventors protect their inventions, InventHelp provides assistance in patent services. Their team aids inventors in navigating the intricacies of the patent application process, helping to avoid common pitfalls. InventHelp does not only help in the patent application process, but they also offer a full range of services for inventors including prototype modelling, 3D renderings, and manufacturing and industry resources.


In conclusion, patenting your invention protects your idea, which can be a significant step in launching your product successfully. With the aid of services like InventHelp, the patent filing process can become a lot smoother and more productive, providing you with the peace of mind and assurance your innovative invention deserves.

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