How Online Press Releases Work

Once a release has been accepted it will be prominently displayed on each of the PR sites for a period of time allowing it to be easily found by interested industry writers, journalists and general readers, as well as being picked up by the Google and Yahoo! News services.

The PR will also be emailed to journalists, receive social bookmarking, and will be distributed online via automatic programs and RSS feeds which will spread the release across the internet by depositing either complete copies of the original release or simply displaying the PR title and summary along with a link to the full release version.

These will appear on countless websites, second generation and affiliated PR sites, and via RSS aggregators along the way. The potential reach of an online PR can be unlimited.

One of the biggest parts of any SEO campaign is to develop links to a site. Search engines view links to a site in a similar way to votes; the more votes your site has from elsewhere on the internet the more important it is in the eyes of a search engine.

But not all votes are equal. A link to your site from a top performing page on the BBC website is weighted much more significantly than a link from Joe Doe’s personal blog.

Whilst it is not always possible to get links from the BBC every day, many press release sites can proliferate a release widely across the web as well as attracting a considerable amount of traffic which the likes of Google and Yahoo! rate as significant in their weighting of a site’s importance. However choosing some of theĀ top 10 best press release distribution services to do your press release, you will see greatest results.

This means that if all releases contain correctly formatted links back to your site then the importance of the site will increase in the eyes of search engines.

Furthermore, this growth is exponential over time; following their initial submission, the releases will continue for some time to get picked up by other websites which will also link back to your site, creating a snowball effect.

In general, the higher the number of backlinks generated over time, the better equipped your company site will be to perform well in the search engine indices.

Adding links in your releases, to the most appropriate pages of your company website alongside suitable keyword anchor text, is a vital part of press release optimization, and PR proliferation is a great opportunity for quality link building.

Using suitable keywords and keyphrases is important to help highlight your release, promoting the content to spiders as a significant piece of relevant news and helping search engine users and spiders find the content they are looking for; the content your company wants to promote.

Search spiders constantly look for the most appropriate category in which to classify and index any content they find.

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