How Much Money Do Energy Efficient Bulbs Save

One of the best things about saving energy in your home is the fact that this almost always translates to saving money. By working hard to have a more energy-efficient home, you get to reap the benefit of spending less cash each month on your energy bills. This means that you are saving the earth at the same time as you are saving yourself from the ongoing cycle of too-high bills. It’s smart to be aware of just how much money you save as you save energy in the home because this will motivate you to keep on saving the earth in any way that you can.

One of the easiest things that you can do to save both money and electricity in the home is to switch from standard light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs. These green light bulbs can be bought at nearly any store that sells light bulbs today. They cost a little bit more than normal light bulbs but they save you a lot of money in the long run.

Just how much money can you save by switching to energy efficient light bulbs? The answer depends on how much you use your light bulbs and how many different light fixtures you have in your house, of course. However the average savings turns out to be quite a bit for most families. Consider the fact that approximately twenty percent of your electricity bill comes from the energy that you spend on lighting. Then consider the fact that energy-efficient light bulbs use approximately two thirds less energy than standard light bulbs do. That results in a lot of energy savings when you make the switch. You can find more information from these good advice and ideas too.

Energy-efficient light bulbs also last a lot longer than standard light bulbs. This means that they need to be replaced with new bulbs much less often (approximately one tenth of the time that is needed before replacing standard bulbs). The average savings in total is about $30 per light bulb over the lifetime of each light bulb. Add up the number of light bulbs in your house and you’ll quickly see why saving money in this way could definitely motivate you to start using energy-efficient light bulbs to save the earth.

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