There are a few different ways to get rid of house mice in Norway. The most obvious method is to trap them, but you can also use other methods that are less effective but more humane.


Mice have poor eyesight, so it’s best to set traps near areas where you’ve seen signs of mice activity. You can buy ready-made traps or make your own from materials such as cardboard or wood. Make sure that the trap is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a mouse (roughly 10 grams).

The most common type of mouse trap is the snap trap which uses metal teeth to kill the animal when sprung by its weight. If you’re squeamish about killing mice in this way, then try using sticky glue traps instead. These work by trapping mice in place with adhesive on one side of the trap and are less likely to cause suffering than snap traps. Sticky glue traps can be bought commercially or made at home using gummed paper strips soaked in molasses solution or peanut butter.

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Mouse Control Services

If you want to get rid of mice without having to touch them, then it’s best to call in professional husmus control services. These companies will use humane traps and poisons to kill the mice without causing them any pain or suffering. They’ll also clear up any mess left behind by mice whether that be droppings or urine stains on carpets.

House Mouse Facts

The house mouse is found all over Europe and much of Asia and Africa. It is nocturnal, spending most daylight hours hidden away in nests constructed from anything that suits its purpose, such as old clothes, paper or straw. They are highly intelligent and curious creatures who can adapt to new environments very quickly.

They are also very adept at surviving in human environments, often taking advantage of food scraps left lying around by humans. The house mouse is a small rodent with a greyish-brown coat that can be distinguished from other species by its short tail and large ears. It has relatively large eyes and small feet with long claws for digging and climbing.

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