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Generating Real Estate Leads With Color

The psychology of color is often discussed to predict how it will affect people’s behavior and decisions. In addition, color trends not only vary by season, but industry and region as well.

So, is there a best color for generating the most leads on your Real Estate website?

And will it be the same tomorrow, or next year?

Does a best color for your Real Estate website really exist? In a word: Yes.

But the answer may surprise you.

Real Estate Tools for Agents

Blue, Red, or Green?

What stands out gets remembered, what blends in gets ignored.

Based on behavioral results from separate tests conducted by Dr. Hedwig von Restorff and Paras Chopra (founder of Visual Website Optimizer), elements such as words, links, and buttons that are a different color than the majority of their surroundings get the most attention.

In short, if most of your website is gray and your call-to-action buttons are also gray, they won’t get as much action as they would if they were green (or red or purple or blue).

The BEST Color for Generating Real Estate Leads

So, what is the best color generating leads on your Real Estate website?

Answer: the one that stands out.

Use a basic color (or colors) for the main portions of your website and choose a stand-out color for your call-to-action elements.

Take Action

Add Links, buttons, and contact form boxes (and anything else that asks visitors to take action) that are all the same stand-out color.

According to, choosing a WordPress theme and Real Estate plugins that make it easy to add buttons and customize colors will make this process as simple as possible.

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