Eyelash extensions have become a vital part of many beauty enthusiasts’ routines, offering a dramatic look without the need for mascara or an eyelash curler. Among various styles, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions have been gaining popularity, giving a lush, dense look that is truly captivating. Let’s dive into the world of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, exploring their origin, benefits, and how you can get them at Lash Esthetica.

Introduction to Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Unlike their conventional counterparts that involve gluing a single lash extension onto a natural lash, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions involve applying multiple extensions, often between 2 and 6, to each natural lash. Russian eyelash extensions create a more voluminous look, giving the illusion of big, bold lashes that are impossible to ignore.

The History of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Although the exact origin of this technique is not well-documented, it is widely believed that it was created and popularized in Russia, hence its name. This technique, requiring exceptional skill and precision, initially only catered to those seeking a glamourous and flamboyant look. However, the flexibility in customization has expanded its reach to those preferring a more natural but fuller appearance.

Lightweight and Slender Design

One of the unique aspects of Russian Volume Eyelashes is how feather-light they are despite their dense appearance. This lightweight nature is attributed to the extremely fine and soft lashes used. They offer a glamorous look without putting excessive strain on your natural lashes, making it a comfortable and sustainable choice.

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Highly Customizable Nature

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are highly customizable, with an array of options in terms of length, curl, and thickness. Furthermore, the approach ensures gaps in natural lashes can be filled effectively, giving a fuller look to the lash line.

The Process of Applying Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

The application of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions is an intensive process and requires the touch of an experienced professional. The process is often lengthy, requiring a thorough consultation to determine the right design based on the client’s needs, eye shape, and natural lash condition. Following this, the lashes are meticulously applied using tweezers.

Choosing Lash Esthetica for Russian Volume Lash Extensions

The key to getting dazzling, long-lasting Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions is to choose a reputed salon with experienced lash artists. Lash Esthetica stands out as an excellent option in Sydney. With highly trained professionals, Lash Esthetica offers impeccable Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions tailored precisely to suit individual needs. They also offer a free consultation for newcomers to the service, allowing clients to feel confident and comfortable with their lash transformation decision.


In conclusion, Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are a fabulous option for those wanting to enhance their lashes’ volume and dimension. From its fascinating origins to its unique formulation and application process, it’s no wonder why many have made the switch to these lash extensions. And when it comes to getting them applied, you know Lash Esthetica is your go-to place.

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