Essential Power Tools

Anyone who has outfitted his house with a home workshop knows the value of having the right tool available for every job that comes along. Having the time and the knowledge for projects and home repairs isn’t worth anything if you don’t have the right tools. To get jobs done quickly and accurately, it’s good to have a handful of specific power tools on hand at all times. Brands such as Black and Decker tools have power tools that will stand up to your tough jobs and last for a long time.

A circular saw is must in your list of home power tools, for speed and accuracy when cutting lumber. You can choose a cordless circular saw to help with accuracy in cramped quarters, but the corded version is usually more powerful.

A jigsaw and a scroll saw are also valuable power tools to have in your home workshop. Each saw has a thin blade, and each may be used to make delicate and detailed cuts. The jigsaw is a hand held saw that you move through the wood to make cuts, while with a scroll saw the wood is moved through the saw. Scroll saws are power tools where the wood is positioned on a flat table and held steady with the help of a tension footer as it is moved into the blade.

The cordless drill is a power tool that is used all around the house and is available in all the major brand names, including Black and Decker tools, Milwaukee tools and Bosch tools. With a cordless drill, you can make holes in masonry, wood, drywall, plastic and other materials using several different types of drill bits. Cordless drills must be charged and many come with a couple different batteries so you’re always sure to have one that’s charged and ready to go.

A hand router of some sort is helpful as home power tools go, as you can remove sections of wood from wood stock and create attractive effects on your woodwork. Some routers remove wood just from around the edges of pieces of wood, while others such as a plunge router can go into the center of a piece of wood to remove wood without having to go near the sides.

Sanders are power tools that will save you a lot of time and energy when you need to smooth out rough edges or sections of wood. You can use smaller palm sanders, orbital sanders, belt sanders or detail sanders, depending on the type of job you need to do. Whether you decide on Black and Decker rotary tool or some other brand of power tools entirely, it’s always wise to read over your owner’s manuals to learn the safest way to use each tool.

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