Drug Addiction | Substance Abuse

Drug abuse is a term pertaining to the excessive and repeated use of chemical substance to achieve a certain effect. Drug addiction starts from the illicit drugs, also known as street drugs, that are sold illegally by drug dealers with their only reason is to profit and as business. There are also drug addictions that are related to medicine, some are prescribed with doctor’s consent but are taken differently by the patient. This is where drug abuse comes in.

The meaning of drug abuse is a moral weakness of a person’s ability to decide what to do and what not to do. This moral weakness starts from the brain where the urge for using a certain substance changes the process of the brain, until the pulse inside of the person’s brain which triggers the use of the drug becomes stronger until it becomes intolerable.

Most drug addiction cases are between the ages of 15 to 35 years of age, with both males and females affected in equal numbers. The increase of drug addiction cases has increased in the US, where it has become a major problem both in teens and adults.

Prescription drug abuse is just as dangerous as street drugs addiction. Although prescribed medicines or drugs are medically beneficial, the users are the ones who are in control in how they use it. Prescription drugs like vicodin and valium are used medically to ease chronic pain and treat anxiety but the problem starts when these medicines are taken differently or excessively. Prescription drugs are easily accessible which is why they to must be taken seriously when it comes to substance abuse.

Street drug addiction is the most popular type of drug abuse. These are drugs that are sold without prescription and, even worse, these types of drugs are popular both in teens and adults. It doesn’t matter what kind; as long as you can pay street dealers can provide you with anything you need. Common drugs are meth, heroin and cocaine, all of which have become a widespread market covering all parts of United States of America, including Connecticut. Drug dealers, as the police call them, are now being hunted by the FBI to stop the roots of drug trafficking. It is obvious to many that drug trafficking is one of the major problems in America.

The result of substance abuse in a person’s life is devastating. A family with a drug addict member tends to suffer emotional, mental and physical problems. A drug addict can create tense emotions that can be a start of uncontrollable anger resulting from injuries of his/her member of the family. Mental problems happen when the drug abuser tends to do crazy things, hallucinating and also inflicting pain to his or her family members. In short, drug abuse destroys the foundation of a family.

Drug addiction doesn’t have to be the end of the world for a person who has accepted the fact that they are a drug addict. There are Connecticut detox programs that can help stop slowly the urge and hunger of the person in drugs through detox addiction treatment. The family plays a big role in a patient’s life when it comes to rehabilitation. The love and support of the family is the greatest help any drug abuser can have. There are also professional doctors, counselors and psychologists on hand to provide guidance and advice through all stage of the drug rehab program.

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