Dallas Foundation Repair

When a house is new, it is perfect. It is all aligned and squared off, and everything fits and moves perfectly. But eventually, you may not have made any changes to the house, but you have to realize that its environment is constantly changing. Your house itself ages and changes. All around, there are shifts in temperature, in humidity, in general conditions. All these things affect the material that your house is composed of. The soil on which your house rests is changing. It may settle and become more compact, and not uniformly — some parts may have settled more than others, creating a situation that makes the foundation of your house unbalanced.

Anything uneven is an imbalance, and imbalances are never good for the foundation. So whenever you see something around your house that could lead to an imbalance of forces or imbalance of moisture, do something about it before any real damage manifests. Watch out for tree roots, that insidiously exert force on the objects it encounters. Moisture (leaks, bodies of water, drainage. Try to keep them away or seal them off. Wetness affects the volume and density of the soil, as well as the sturdiness of the concrete of the foundation, so beware.

If you see any of the following, please do consult a structural engineer and have your foundation evaluated.

  • Cracks, on the floor or on the wall
  • Doors and windows that are misaligned, difficult to close
  • Gaps between the wall and the doorframe or  window frame.
  • Rotation of the wall
  • Displaced moldings

Foundation repair is a common issue with many new and older homes in the area. Foundation shifting or settling is the leading cause for foundation issues and can be caused by expanding or contracting soil, improperly compacted soils from fill, or poor maintenance of the dirt or material around the foundation. Whatever the cause may be, it will play hell on your home or business foundation and you should contact a foundation repair contractor in Dallas.

A major sign of a foundation repair need

One of the major sign of a foundation repair need is the cracking of the foundation itself. Often times when the ground below the foundation of a home starts to settle or shift, you will see these types of cracks form. A good solid foundation to start with is a key to preventing these issues from happening. However, if your home is already suffering from loose or shifting foundation there is not much you can do outside of stabilizing the foundation itself.

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