Choosing A Home Inspector

Primarily, home inspector jobs involve inspecting new or previously owned condos, homes, manufactured homes, apartments and even commercial buildings. Purchasing a home today almost always involves hiring a home inspector to check the home’s condition, from the roof and foundation to the components and systems inside. Home inspectors have no power to enforce codes, they merely look for and report violations. Home inspectors are usually hired shortly before a home is purchased, sometime after an offer is made. Inspectors should have knowledge of everything from electrical, heating and cooling systems to plumbing, foundation, interior and roofing issues. Home inspector jobs also include inspections done for homeowners that want a complete evaluation of the condition of their home. Here are someĀ tips for home inspection and choosing the right inspector.

Do Not Select A Cheap Home Inspector

You get what you pay for. Discount home inspectors rely on low fees to retain work as they are not able to generate referrals due to poor quality inspections and/or reports. Does it make any sense to save a few dollars using a cheap home inspector that may overlook a large problem that can cost thousand of dollars to rectify after you take ownership?

Question The Home Inspector’s Experience

Why risk a new inexperienced home inspector when there are home inspectors where all the inspections are performed by a licensed engineer who has completed thousands of inspections?

Choose A Name That You Can Trust

Some independent home inspectors change their names every few years due to complaints. Chose one the most-respected names in the area.

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