Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring for a loved one can be challenging. In a jewellery shop, you can find different rings made of gold, silver, and diamond among others. You can also get ornaments made of pearls. If you are looking to buy a diamond engagement ring there are a few options and styles to choose from. You may wish to get a round cut diamond, or a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. Then you will want to choose the right type of metal, silver, gold or platinum. If you are still undecided then you can use the following tips to make your final decision.

Establish Your Budget

Diamonds are made in different grades and type. Shop around to identify the diamond ring options you have. With these options, you can choose a ring whose costs you can afford. Just remember that the amount you spend on an engagement ring is not equivalent to the love you feel. In determining your budget, you can use your total income, the amount you are very comfortable spending and the exact grade and type of diamond you intend to buy.

Learn More about Diamonds

Learning about the 鑽石4c (Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut) evaluation will help you understand the qualities in the market and identify the traits that are of great importance to you. Try to strike a balance between the traits you need and your budget. Review the shapes that the shop has and ensure that the diamond certificates you receive are actually correct. Those certificates are worth much more than the paper on which they are written on.

Take Time to Understand the Ring Settings

This is actually the ring portion. It consists of accent stones, prongs and the band. Once the setting is complete, diamond is placed at the center to make it a complete diamond ring. This setting can be made in different styles and using a variety of metals. The ring could be set in platinum or gold (white, yellow, various karats and two-toned). Though a 14K type of gold band is a fine option, the one of 18K is most preferable. If you are using carats, avoid one that is lower than 14K. You can also use smaller gemstones or diamonds as accent stones for your setting.

Design Your Engagement Ring

Most of the diamond jewellery stores display the rings setting without a center diamond. This will allow you to choose your preferred setting and the diamond. With this, you can be sure that the diamond placed on the ring is certified. When designing your ring, it is important to note that not all ring settings can effectively accommodate all diamond sizes and shapes you need to choose the center diamond before you get a fitting ring setting. Also, for a platinum setting, you can have traditional plain bands, bands made of colored accent gemstones, and bands that have accent diamonds. Be very careful with your choices to ensure that the final engagement ring you take to your loved one is beautiful and she will appreciate it.

Though the above points are specifically about diamonds, you need to also consider what the recipient’s tastes and preferences are. Make sure that she will be proud and comfortable with the engagement ring you buy. Its cost is high and it’s better if the recipient appreciates it.

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