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When planning a holiday in Spain, one of the most important considerations is transport. How do you get there, by what means, and more importantly, how are you going to get around once you’re there?

Hiring a vehicle when on holiday in Mallorca Spain has become increasingly popular. It takes away the hassle of local transport in unfamiliar places and languages and provides the freedom of the open road. For families this can be increasingly important, enabling the carriage of pushchairs, toys, and of course children, around a holiday destination for greater exploration and adventure.

Increased availability and the internet have helped the car rental market soar. Most major airports and train stations have car rental offices, so if you’ve forgotten to book before hand the opportunity is still available. The internet offers a plethora of car hire possibilities. Whether it’s hiring a family car, or a camper van to tour the Spain outback, if you are looking for adventure, the internet will be able to find you a car hire Mallorca who can deliver!

Known for its party reputation, Mallorca (alternatively known as Majorca) actually has much more to offer its many millions of annual visitors with beautiful natural areas and wonderful historic sites to tempt even the most tame of holidaymakers. The island, one of Spain’s Balearic chain (Menorca and Ibiza are also popular party-holiday islands), is situated in the Mediterranean Sea to the east of Spain, west of Sardinia and north of Algeria. Mallorca’s capital, Palma de Mallorca, is home to the famous Banys Arabs baths as well as the beautiful Catedral de Mallorca which dominates the city (and harbor’s) skyline.

Mallorca is an easy destination to get to from most capital cities within Europe (and some international locations too). Ferry links to the Spanish mainland (Valencia, Barcelona and Denia) and to the other Balearic Islands are frequent, as are the cruise-ship stopovers to the island. Arriving by air, however, is the most common method of getting to Mallorca, with Son Sant Joan Airport (Palma de Mallorca International) ranking as one of the busiest in Spain (let alone Europe).

Exploring the island is made easier by the car rental companies situated at the major transportation hubs. The huge variety of companies on offer can be daunting, but with some forward thinking and research, it enables you to find the most competitive and appropriate price and vehicle for your holiday in Spain.

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