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The brass musical instruments are found in bands and orchestras. The resonators of the brass instruments are of tubular structure and this is reason of their peculiar tone. The other term for brass instruments is labrosones, which means an instrument that is vibrated by the lips to produce the sound.

However, in the technical terms, brass instruments are also called as aerophones. As the player blows in the cup like mouthpiece of the instrument, the vibration of the lips produce the tone.

The quality of the tone in the brass instruments is dependent on two factors. One is the pressing of the valves which are found in the instruments and the position of the lips and the tongue while playing the instrument. Music scholars want the term brass instruments to be defined according the way the sound is produced, rather than the material of what the instruments are made of.

The term brass instrument thus also includes instruments made of materials other than brass, such as wood and animal bones that includes flute, alphorn, serpent, and cornett. The pitch of the tone in the brass instruments depends on the tube length of the instrument.

Brass Band Instruments

Brass band instruments are a basic set of horns with each providing a different type and range of sound while still harmonizing well together. Forming a band with these instruments is a fun process and can lead to both very large bands, like as in an orchestra, or just a couple people, like in ska bands. These bands can also be exclusively horns, as was more common in the early twentieth century.

When the brass family works together, they can provide a huge range of sounds that work in many genres of music, which can either be really jumpy or nice and slow. It’s no surprise that many bands are composed entirely of these instruments or at the very least, they make a strong presence in whatever band they’re a part of.

Whatever the exact size and genre, most groups of horns will consist of trombones, trumpets, French horns, and tubas. The last two can vary depending upon the type of music. Many bands forgo these two, but others feature them heavily such as marching bands with the tuba and orchestral bands with the French horn. The trombone and the trumpet are a great pair because they work on different clefs (the bass and the treble) and both can be very loud and fast as well as slow and soft.

Depending upon the type of band you’re seeing, you’ll see a different number of players for each of these sections, but trumpets usually dominate. However, certain styles of music, like ska, make high display of the trombone.

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