What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology (kin-eas-y-ology) is the study of movement and motion. It is a natural solution for your emotional, mental and physical well being combining western and eastern approaches to medicine.

Everything in the body is interconnected including all of the different muscles. Muscles are linked to the brain via the nervous system. The nervous system influences other systems within the body and visa versa. Therefore if one part of the body is experiencing dis-ease it will affect every other part of the body on some level.

This is why Kinesiology is a optimum approach to your well-being taking into account the entire picture and not just treating specific conditions or diseases.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in your life (physical problems, trauma, negative emotions and so on) Kinesiology will identify the root cause of the issue or imbalance. From there the most effective solution to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself is determined. Once this process takes the place the mind begins to form new pathways while effortlessly releasing the old negative thoughts and emotions responsible for creating the dis-eases due to unnatural reactions based on past experiences.

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This results in you regaining your freedom to create your own choices – bringing about positive change while restoring balance and harmony in your life.

How does Kinesiology work ?

Through gentle muscle testing Kinesiologists are able to access past experiences stored throughout your mind and body. These experiences are affecting your emotions, thoughts and behavior during your day to day activities.

By understanding the links between various muscles, organs, glands and hormones they are able to safely draw these stressful experiences to the surface into your full awareness. Kinesiologist then assist you to integrate, understand and release these experiences permanently restoring your personal power along with your well-being. There are some really good Kinesiologist Burnaby professionals that could help you.

What is N.O.T. ? (Neural Organization Technique)

It is non-invasive, kinesiologic ally-based treatment protocol, is designed to recognize any of the disorganizations that may be found within the neural programmes of primal survival systems if damaged or otherwise compromised. N.O.T. organizes and reorganizes the neurological system to function in the way they were designed for good health.

How does N.O.T. work ?

The body is aware of what is happening within itself at all times and is capable of rectifying any problem. Kinesiologist find more information through the body’s responses. This feedback from the body is then used to identify the energy blockage in the systems and apply effective N.O.T. treatment procedure.

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