Patent Pending

Patent pending is a term that means that a patent application has been filed in the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office but has not reached completion of the process culminating in either a granting or denial of the patent. The term is typically used by a manufacturer or seller of an article to inform the public that an application for patent on that article is on file.

For inventors, the protection afforded by a patent application can actually be as good as or greater than that of an actual patent, despite the fact that you cannot sue for infringement of a pending patent application.

Benefits of Patent Pending Status

An advantage patent applications have over granted patents is that they are held in absolute secrecy, unlike published patents. Therefore, no one can find out when you filed your application or what part of your invention it actually relates to as stated in post.

So unlike published patents, which can be analyzed and worked around, pending patents offer a broad, general scope of protection in the eyes of would-be copiers.

Additionally, getting pending patent status is quick and cheap. It begins once you have filed your application, and costs nothing more that the cost of filing the application and paying for amendments to keep it alive.

So if you have an invention, do not feel that you have to keep it off the market until the full strength of a patent is granted. Apply for a patent, and take advantage of the pending patent protection during the critical period while first establishing a market position. You can find much more useful information about patenting process from too.

Prior Art Search

Prior to filing a patent application, it may be a good idea to perform a limited formal search of the already-existing patents, to the extent warranted financially, to see if your invention is already known. Whether such a patentability search should be performed often depends on how the inventor plans to make money.

For example, if an inventor plans to make money by selling the patent to an existing company, then performing a patentability search first is usual and advisable.

The usual charges for a U.S. patentability search include copies of any discovered similar patents and a report with conclusions and recommendations. They typically utilize a sophisticated word search engine in combination with locating and searching the U.S. Patent Office classification system for what appears to be the closest classification that your patent may be classified under.

In some instances, it may be advisable to perform additional searching of the European, World and Japanese Patent offices. Such searching is at an additional charge unless located through the U.S. search as you can see from article.

Please keep in mind that the classification system of the United States Patent Office, although highly efficient, does not always classify a pertinent disclosure in a category which is searched in any particular search; nor do all search engines perform alike or perfectly. So the possibility always exists that patents may be overlooked due to circumstances beyond control.

It should also be noted that there is no guarantee that a patent search is ever totally complete inasmuch as the United States patent system presently includes approximately six million U.S. patents which are classified and cross-classified within one or more of over 100,000 classification areas.

Over one thousand federal patent examiners may be involved in the classification process, and their opinions vary widely as to proper areas of classification. It is therefore exceedingly difficult to be more than reasonably certain that the most pertinent patent art has been located. Learn more from

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Do I need a patent?

A patent is a grant that provides a person the power to avoid others from generation, selling, using, or publishing their patented innovation. This authority works for twenty years in the patent application filing date. It is a commitment in between an individual as well as the state where he/she is permitted to exercise a limited monopoly in exchange for permitting the development to be made public.

Patent rights are territorial; that is, the patent awarded in the USA doesn’t provide an individual rights away from state. This is also the situation on patents fond of projects inside the Great Britain, Australia, and other countries.

How do I learn if someone has currently the same principle for an innovation?

You should have a patent search to check if your idea already exists as explained in article.  It’s completed by searching all of the current patents observed within the Patent Office’s database to determine if your invention is currently complex. It furthermore contains checking printed materials including posts, journals, and brochures. Considering that patent databases are actually advanced, the research is now able to be completed by the click of a mouse.

Patenting a generation can be an one of the very best methods of marketing it. It includes you appropriate areas for building a monopoly for your production, production, and marketing of the creation under free business conditions.

Without patent protection, others can copy your strategy for free and provide the item in a cheaper cost, thus producing income without seeking your choice. Similarly, they could patent your advancement under their name. Basically, they are able to successfully steal the idea from you as you can read from story.

A patent also guarantees you of market place and inhabiting brand new markets. A patent is considered your “trademark” which you actually made a tool. It could be a way of producing your name inside the history of technology, especially if it’s now introduced on the market.

Patent Protection

The protection of patent provides safety to the applicant of patent against the counterfeit. The counterfeit would occur if somebody made, used or sold your lock of door patented without your permission in a country which granted a patent to you, during the patent.

If you have the protection of patent and to believe you your patent is violated, you can continue for damage in the suitable court. The defendant can allege that the infringement on your protection of patent did not occur or can tackle the validity of your patent. The court will determine which is exact, basing its decision mainly on the language of the complaints. If what the made defendant is not in the words of the complaints the ones of your patent, or if the patent is stated to be inadmissible for any reason, there is no infringement as was explained in this article on

When you obtain a patent in the United States and Canada, you appreciate the protection of patent which will allow you to continue infringers for all the damage undergone after the concession of your patent.

The act of patent does not require that the patents be marked like patented. However, marking an article as patented for the protection of patent when it isn’t is against the law. You can wish to mark your invention for applied by patent or pending patent after you deposited your request for protection of patent. These expressions do not have any legal effect but can be used as warnings with others for the protection of patent and that you will be able to impose the exclusive right once manufacture the invention one grants a patent.

Before obtaining the patent it is important to make the search for patent. This will determine if your invention never were patented front.

After having made a preliminary research, the protection of patent also requires that one should apply for a patent. An patent application is composed of abstract, specifications and often of the diagrams. The abstract is a short summary of the contents of the specifications.

The specifications comprise:

1. a clear description and supplements invention and of its utility;
2. claim what define the borders of the protection of patent.

Your specifications must be so clear and complete that they will make it possible no matter whom with average competence in technology to make or employ the invention.

Information that you specify as protected by your complaints cannot be employed freely (copied, built or sold) by others until the patent expires. The information not protected by your complaints can be employed immediately and you can read more about it from

The challenge is to write the complaints so that your invention is defined to rather largely ensure the maximum protection of patent against the potential infringers, all in at the same time being sufficiently specific to identify your invention and to distinguish it from all the former inventions.

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Many of the news circulated, Honda’s latest compact SUV has some similarities with the New Honda CR-V. But the class is still below the CR-V. look of the design and capabilities that will be owned not rule out almost like the Honda CR-V. Did not rule out all the technology used in the CR-V will also be used in this new compact SUV. especially if we look at the two photos that have been circulating sketches today as shown on

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Patenting An Idea

Here are the four main reasons why Getting A Patent fails.

  • First reason- THE INVENTION IS NOT NEW

The invention should be patentable. Patents are a set of exclusive rights given to an inventor by the state granting the sole right to prohibit others from using, making or selling the novel invention. This is only limited to a period of time.

If you think that you already invented something that is unique and original and are thinking of applying a patent for your invention, then, it would be best for you to prepare for it before the application. You can check some journals about similar products; compare it to your invention. You can also search it online for verification purposes that indeed there are no products that are the same as yours.

  • Second reason- DO NOT TELL ANYONE

As much as possible, do not tell anyone yet about your invention. Just keep it to yourself first. Do not attempt to do anything such as making a report or boasting it to others as they may have chances of getting the details about your product and may start copying it without your knowledge.


You need to clearly state and describe your invention detail by detail and word for word when you are applying a patent for your product. Discuss it in way that they can clearly understand all the information about your invention. You need to be specific and understandable when you are describing it to them. You can jot down few key points about your product while you are sitting down and flesh them out to have a final draft of your report. Learn more from


Include all details about your invention when you are writing the draft. The drawings, diagrams and measurements, make sure to not miss them. You also need to state in writing how your product differs from any other similar one; as much as possible prove to them that your invention is indeed original. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, prepare everything before having your initial interview with the patent attorney.

Those are just few of the common mistakes of inventors who wanted to file a patent. If you want to have a better chance of succeeding, then do your part: avoid those mistakes mentioned, draft every detail about it and keep it a secret until the day that you will be filing the patent as discussed in article.

It is common for people to boast to anyone if we found something unique or that is new to us. For filing a patent, just keep yourself calm and keep everything as a secret.

Once your patent application is granted, then you can enjoy marketing your product to companies. Just keep mind that you need to pay the renewal fees to keep the patent enforced; fees are paid on a yearly basis.