Protecting yourself from bad taxi service

Taking a Maxicab in Singapore can be tricky business but there are things you can do to protect yourself from shady cab drivers or companies. After all you are putting your life in the hands of the cab driver assuming he/she will get you to your destination safely. Below are some tips to help you out.

Research the MaxiCab company you are wanting to use. Most people when looking for a doctor or someone to do work on their house or even when looking for a hotel to stay in will check out the companies reputation first. The same should be true for taxi service. So take a few minutes to go and read their testimonials and reviews. Almost everywhere on the internet where businesses are list they have a place for public reviews.

Protect yourself in the cab. There are limited ways you can protect yourself while in the Maxicab taxi itself. Primarily from over charging cab drivers. you do this by first knowing the rates that the taxis charge which should always be posted outside the taxi and in some cases inside as well. Metered cabs are your best bet as the meters are set by state agencies. all meters should have a noticable seal protecting the meter from tampering by the driver.

Secondly know where you are going and what is the shortest distance there then insist that the driver take you in that direction. In the age of smart phones you can even follow your drivers progress with the GPS apps found in most phones. If the driver says he knows a short cut don’t always trust it. By either using GPS or having personal knowledge of where you are going you can prevent the driver from running you in circles just to pad his/her meter.

Sharing the Ride. Sharing the ride can save you money whether you and the person you are sharing with are going to the same location or different locations. However you do want to be sure that the meter is turned on and you and the one you are sharing the ride with are in agreement of what portion of the fare each is paying.

Reporting Incidents. If you feel that your driver acted inappropiately you can report that driver by first making note of important info like the cab company, drivers name and badge number, and the cab number. Reports can be made not only to the cab company whom you hope will take action. but also to the city in which they are running. Airport operations if it was an airport cab, The BBB, and any other organizations the cab company may be part of. Also on-line in the reviews for the company. The more people you tell will determine the likely hood something will be done to correct the problem. Leaving an on-line review will also warn others of your experience.

Too many people take bad cab service for granted as if it is just a natural part of the industry that they have no power or recourse to change it. But that is not true. You can make a difference and insist on quality service. You have to be a voice for change and in today’s open market and the ease of the internet Letting others know about your experiences is easier than ever.

Are You Looking For Patent Law Advices?

Patent helps in securing intellectual rights so the idea of a person remains safe monetarily and even otherwise. An invention by a scientist, doctor or anybody is always patented to make sure that the hard work of the inventor is not wasted and that the profit from the invention goes to the inventor only.

Constant increase in the intellectual property rights has resulted in an ever increase in the attempt to hire someone who is literate in the matter of patent. Films, music, painting, advertising are some of the areas where intellectual property rights are infringed constantly.

Herein, a need for the law graduates versed in patent laws come into picture. On violation of intellectual rights the fight for damage or compensation begins and that is where the law graduates make their living.

Patent law is a dynamic field which always keeps changing its natural course. The laws of patent is not same everywhere. Every country has a different set of rules regarding intellectual property rights. This feature only makes the whole thing extremely challenging as explained in article.

How To Get A Patent On Own?

Paying charges to a Lawyer can be a really taxing affair for the inventor, but it is safer for her/his invention. So, it is important to make sure that you know how to get a patent lawyer’s help.

It is important to know this as the inventor might be rich in ideas but too poor to pay any lawyer or any patent firm. In extreme cases the invented thing gathers dust while the inventor waits for the required money that can patent his invention and secure his future.

In the recent times hundreds of imaginative men have come out with unique systems to secure their invention. Moreover there are courts that seek for the people who can help others gain patents without any input from a lawyer.

Firstly we must be aware of the fact whether our particular invention passes the quality for a patent or not. A patent is required to have exclusive rights to sell or manufacture a thing or object invented by the inventor. This qualification is the first step. The next one is the ability of an inventor to explain the stepwise process of his or her invention.

The points discussed above do not require any legal ability on the part of an inventor. These are simple questions of learning certain common things that we have already done in our day to day life. These are separated into a number of steps. Some steps may be a bit more difficult than the other. But one step at a time can make the process a lot easier as you can see in this article at

It is true that a mere idea cannot fetch a patent. It must have an existence beyond papers. Equally important is the fact that any invention that is going to be patented must be new. Any thing old can incite doubt. According to the United States Federal Law any attempt to forge a duplicate invention or double cross the government on this can land one in the jail.

The toughest part of the process of patenting an object is that part when we have to make a through search of field to which invention belongs. This is a time consuming process initially. Search involves not only U.S. but also the foreign countries. Gradually the process of searching becomes easy. At times a professional can be approached but the inventor himself is the right person to do the job.

There are a number of websites which are pro active in providing the required information regarding a particular invention. Preparation of a full application is the last and the most important aspect. Once these are fulfilled the question of how to get a patent becomes easy to answer. We will not have any problem then in patenting an invention.

Intellectual Property Profit: Steps To Set It Right

The concept of protection of the intellectual property has entered into a legal domain. Such a development has taken place because of the complex definition of patent grown over a period of time. The intellectual property profit is an extension of this complex and the same time new dimension of patent and patent related laws.

The market value rule finds application here. More is the importance of the intellectual property higher will be the profit. Therefore, profit is always a market driven thing even in the case of intellectual property. Different patent laws are drawn in this regard to usher the maximum profit to the person who has invested his time and money to invent a particular thing or write a particular book.

US Intellectual Property office is a leading agency that excels in providing the right type of profit to the person who is looking forward to patent his product. The company fosters the use of intellectual property system to exploit the profits that can be gained from a particular patented product.

A number of books have come out in recent time to highlight the imperatives that govern the rules to generate maximum profit. In case of plagiarism a huge economic damage is experienced. For these cases litigation in various forms are prepared to safeguard the profits from an intellectual property as described in post.

Profit coming out of an intellectual property requires certain guidance that can be followed through right information. The number of books available in the market is an indication of the truth of the statement. Every now and then we come around a book that purely deals with the idea of the profit generating from intellectual property.

As an example we can imagine that a certain oil well is found on somebody’s land and on the same day another one is discovered on land of his neighbor. The competition starts and the race to gate the right starts. Now the problem to discuss is what would be the end product the oil or the profit from the sell of the oil. Entire thing in fact depends on the fact of being first in the race to get the property rights. The first person to register his or her oil to the law will have a better chance to bargain and greater chance to have maximum profit.

On the finishing note we can say that the intellectual property profit is a matter of knowing the right thing at the right moment. The information can enable us to form a better judgment of the patent laws so that we can take of the profit that the patent of an invention is supposed to bring as you can see from

Personal Debt Consolidation Loan

A lot of the time people in Sweden take up credit without thinking much of the consequences and what it means to be in credit and how it could potentially make for a difficult future of not managed properly. This is especially true if certain individuals have very expensive hobbies like shopping or traveling and use mainly credit to finance them. The credit bills and interest payments can very easily spiral out of control and create many headaches and sleepless nights.

This is where personal debt consolidation loans come to play. The whole purpose of personal debt consolidation loans is to provide an avenue where borrowers can consolidate all their debts into one easy low interest loans which they can then work on paying off. Borrowers will normally have a myriad of different loans from different lenders all at relatively high interest rates. Each of these loans is paid off by the personal debt consolidation loan providers and the borrower will only have to worry about paying off one loan.

There are number of financial portals in Sweden, such as Privatlå, where you can get all the information about different types of personal loans, explore different lenders with different terms and interest rates.

The benefits of this are firstly simplicity in managing funds. Normally borrowers will eventually loose track of how much they owe to different lenders over the course of a month and thus fail to budget their expenditure properly. This failure to budget properly will then cause hiccups in cash-flow which will almost inevitably cause extra loans being taken up of credit cards being charged again instead of being cleared.

The second benefit is the lower cost that personal debt consolidation loans bring. Most of the time the monthly payments for loan or credit card debt is extremely high because of the high interest rates levied. Personal debt consolidation loans are much cheaper in comparison to either credit card debt or payday loan debt so will lower the monthly requirements of the borrower and easing the monthly allowance necessary to service the debt.

Overall, personal debt consolidation loans are very handy to help busy individuals clear up debt that may be mounting or even spiraling out of control.

How to do Search Engine Optimization

While embarking on a SEO project, you must first look for an internet marketing firm that has a consistent and long track record of accomplishing some successful SEO projects. You must prefer an all inclusive SEO marketing strategy instead of some short term projects that cannot give you sustained and successful results over a long time. The most effective kind of all inclusive SEO services offered by some reputed firms includes local, mobile and video optimization techniques. All these strategies will together add up to the totality of SEO efforts to bring about better search rankings combined with more online visibility. The ultimate results would be increased traffic and more business for your firm.

There are some unique merits that render SEO projects more successful and effective over the others. The professionals need to put several things together in place. SEO involves optimizing the coding and content besides uploading Youtube Videos, optimizing the digital content in the Youtube, a Google+ listing manager and several others. Experienced professionals can get things done in a highly efficient manner.

You can always educate yourself as well, of course. There are some great free resources online about search engine optimization. Youtube is probably the best place to search for tutorials as you are seeing the SEO in action and not just reading an article. Clicks From Search is an awesome SEO channel publishing new educational SEO videos every Tuesday. Subscribe and you will definitely learn some SEO from these guys.

Decision to go for SEO is almost essential these days with the proliferation of internet marketing activities. Internet has become one of the principal avenues to promote businesses and if you do not have an enhanced online presence, you are certainly losing out more to your competitors. Once optimized, your site will grab the attention of a large number of net viewers that would contain prospective customers, which means more business and more revenue. There is a huge amount of traffic on the internet and therefore, it is not an easy decision to forego website promotion of your site.

Preparing Patent Applications

In the provisional application, you should include the following information:

  • Title of your Invention
  • Background of the Invention
  • Summary of the Invention
  • Advantages of the Preferred Embodiments
  • Description of Embodiments of the Invention
  • The Claims

Title of your Invention

This can be a brief title or name of your invention.

Background of the Invention

This can be a brief paragraph describing existing solutions for the problem addressed by your invention. Avoid describing your invention in the Background section, as some case law indicates that the Examiner can use those statements against the patent owner to reject the application. Also, be careful when you admit something as prior art as such admissions will be held against the application even if the prior art characterization is later found to be wrong.

Summary of the Invention

This can be a brief paragraph providing a summary or abstract of your invention. You can draft the summary/abstract first, or you can wait until the claim section below is done, and then do the summary or abstract to make the summary/abstract consistent with a high level claim such as one of the independent claims.

Advantages of the Preferred Embodiments

Next, you should describe each feature, uniqueness, differentiation, or advantage that embodiments of the invention have over the prior art. If you have a sales or marketing brochure done already, you may want to review the sales or marketing brochure to identify the important product features that you market to your customers.

Description of Embodiments of the Invention

You can generate diagram(s) that illustrate the operation of your invention and annotate these diagram(s) with reference numerals that you can use next to explain each diagram. If you are not certain about how to come up with the diagram(s), you may want to start with a top level diagram illustrating the major parts of your invention and then provide additional diagrams that progressively show more details of each major part in a top-down fashion, similar to the layers of an onion that you can peel away to show more information. There is a very good explanation on

Another approach on the diagram(s) is to think about the advantages you have listed above. For each feature, uniqueness, differentiation, or advantage, you can sketch the hardware or inventive technique that provides the feature, uniqueness, differentiation, or advantage you mentioned.

It may be useful to create a table summarizing the reference numbers, and for each reference numeral, you can enter the reference number and the descriptive text. Next you can enter text that explains the diagram in depth as part of the Description. The Description in the patent specification of the invention should be as complete as possible. This is called the “written description requirement”. The written description of the invention must contain enough detail so as to enable a person skilled in your technology area to be able to read the patent application and to be able to make and use the invention without undue experimentation. This is referred to as the “enablement requirement”. The written description of a patent must describe the best way, or mode, of making and using the invention known to the inventor at the time the application was filed. This is referred to as the “best mode requirement”. Thus, if you have specific preferred way to implement your invention, you should provide the information in the Description.

The Claims

Next, although not required in a provisional application, you may want to set out the boundary of what you consider to be your invention through a set of claims. The claims should have at least one novel feature or element that is not present in the prior art.

Although claim drafting should be done by a patent professional, one way to approach claim drafting is to select the fewest number of items that together provide the unique differentiating function described above and include at least one element that does not exist in the prior art for you to distinguish the novelty of your invention.

If applicable, you can add a description of the process of Making and Fabricating the Invention. If you have a product done already, you may want to include a user manual or Operating Instruction as an appendix to provide more information. Alternatively, if you have a specification for the product, you may want to include the specification in the application to provide back up details. Essentially, you want to provide as much relevant information as possible to support your claims when you convert the provisional application within one year from the provisional application filing date. Be aware that the content of the provisional application may be accessible by the public in the future, so you should also remove unnecessary confidential information such as supplier information or financial information or cost information from the provisional patent application.

As discussed above, a good patent application, be it provisional or non-provisional, requires a fair amount of effort at documenting your invention. However, such efforts will protect you in case third parties file conflicting applications in the interim ass you can see from this story at

When you are done, you can mail the provisional application, along with a filing fee, to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or you can file online at

Patent Registration

Patent registration; is an operation that provides protection of an invented invention and becomes clear as a result of applications to USPO, that is, to US Patents Office. The validation and filing of the certificate is valid and the invention is protected by a patent. It is of utmost importance that national and international patent interrogations be made before patent application.

In this way, it can only be understood whether the patent has been used or not, and if appropriate, a patent registration application should be made. There is also a process to be done before the application for patent registration. The patent application documents, the description, the request and the technical drawings must be correctly prepared and it would be wise to hire a patenting agency such as InventHelp, to get things done for you.

After the application for patent registration; US Patent Office, USPO; examines whether patents pending transactions have any equivalent in patent databases and checks to see if the documents required for patent application have been completed. Then a positive or negative decision is made. The invention which has been put forward by patent registration is protected and cannot be used by other institutions and organizations.

Patent research; it is a survey conducted by public authorities and a patent investigation request should be made within 15 months from the date of application. Patent research report; clarifies whether the patent application is in conformity with the patent criteria and whether the patentability status is satisfied. You can find out much more about patenting from this informational Youtube video too.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Band in Spain

Choosing the correct wedding band is very often a difficult task. How can you possibly know which type of band you want? What type of band do your guests want? There’s an endless string of questions to be answered. You’ll need to answer these questions all by yourself. The both of you should discuss what you want and come to a final decision.

First things first, you want to decide what type of band you want. A string quartet or a DJ? This is a very simple question to some. To other this is a much more difficult question. This is the first choice you need to make, and the final decision has to be yours.

When you’ve decided what type of band you want playing, it’s time to pick the music. Do you want a classic string quartet or a loud hip-hop DJ? Some of you will say something like: ‘Definitely not a DJ!’ This is good. You can use the process of elimination if you’d like.

Your taste in music needs to make a difference when picking the music. It’s your wedding and you have to like the music. Shouldn’t you think of the guests taste as well? Of course! Nevertheless, don’t go overboard with it. Remember, it’s you wedding. You have to like the music. Picking an ideal band that most people would like can be a perfectly fine strategy.

Choosing the one. Occasionally when you listen to a band you just know that this is the band you want. Other times it takes time, and you often have to listen to several bands play to even know where you stand. Take the time you need. There’s no need to hurry. If you find the process frightening, bring a friend. When you’re choosing the Wedding Band Spain, having a friend nearby can be allot of fun. And not only is it fun, it’s often quite helpful as well. Since not all people like the same music, having more people there to discuss it can be great.

Is there such a thing as the best band? No, there isn’t. Often times you’ll end up with a few that you like, then you’re going to have to pick one. This is easy, most people think. Nevertheless it can be just as difficult.

The band has to be able to play your song. It wouldn’t be a great feeling to dance your first dance as a married couple to a band that couldn’t play your song. Choosing the wedding band isn’t scary at all. Try to look at is an adventure. Try to make it fun.

Taxi Pickup in Singapore

There are a number of booking portals from where travelers can make their bookings for taxi pickup in Singapore. Through the websites you can choose from among a wide range of taxis depending on your specific needs, be it for rushing to the airport, a late night car hire, a road trip, or any journey for a special occasion. As the needs of consumers change and competition increases, service providers are coming up with more and more updated solutions and modern amenities for the convenience of passengers.

The right taxi service provider can help you solve your transport issues in all locales of Singapore. Moreover, you can get a car that aptly suits the number of persons accompanying you. In the first phase, when you are booking the cab, take care of the following aspects:

Network of operation: For efficient taxi pickup you should go for cab hire companies who have operations in almost every locale in Singapore or tie-ups with the most result-oriented operators. The best cab companies have a very strict selection procedure when they choose their manpower and operators, so that they can provide their customers the best value for money.

Choice of vehicles: Needs are different and so are the liking and disliking. The best maxi cab service provider will offer you a wide choice of vehicles for your pickup, so that there are no problems as you commute from one place to another in their cabs.

Convenient booking process: The booking process should be easy and you must be able to complete your bookings through a single call or by filling in your details, as per your convenience. The payment option should also be easy- debit card, credit card, cash card, net banking, or simply paying cash to the driver.

Make your taxi trip in Singapore a hassle-free experience. Call the right service provider and get going!

What Are Auto Loan Calculators?

An auto loan calculator tells you the amount of your monthly auto payment. Just by typing in a few numbers, the calculator can help you quickly compare different offers, and help you decide which loan is best for you.

Using an auto loan calculator is easy, once you have the numbers from your Swedish dealer. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The total amount of the loan.
  • The loan term in years or months.
  • The interest rate (%) per year.
  • The loan start date.

Once you have this information, just enter it into the calculator to find out the estimated amount of your monthly payment. Keep in mind that taxes and fees might affect your final total.

There a lot of online financial portals in Sweden, such as, for comparing different loan rates can also help you decide whether to put down a bigger down payment, or how whether to adjust the length of your loan.

Can an auto loan calculator help me after I buy?

Yes! Making extra payments on your auto loan helps pay it off faster. How much faster? An auto loan calculator can tell you.

Paying any extra money on your car loan helps reduce the principal (the original amount you owe, before interest is added). That helps pay it off ahead of schedule, because the amount is applied directly toward your principal.

How much of a difference does it make? That depends on your interest rate, the amount of your payment, and other factors. An auto loan calculator can help you figure out the financial impact of your extra payments, so you know whether that extra payment makes sense. It can even figure out your new “paid off” date.

How do I make extra payments on my car loan?

There are basically three ways:

1. Add an extra amount to your monthly loan payment.

This option is helpful if your income varies from month to month. You can pay extra on those months when you can afford it, or just pay the regular amount on months where your income is less.

2. Make a yearly payment, in addition to your regular monthly payment.

This is a great way to use your tax refund or a yearly bonus to help pay down your debt and get your car or truck paid off faster. That will save you more money in the long run.

3. Make a one-time extra payment.

Thinking about paying an extra lump sum toward your auto loan? An auto loan calculator can help you figure out much impact that payment will have on your final paid-off date.