Joomla Development Helps You to Create Mobile Compatible Websites

Joomla Development Helps You to Create Mobile Compatible Websites

The mobile market is no longer the tortoise it used to be two decades ago. Technology and times have changed and mobile sales have shot through the roof. This increase in sales has paved way for business growth. The days of building desktop and laptop websites environments are over. Users now demand phone access from a variety of internet-enabled devices!

When it comes to developing flexible websites, Joomla is the most powerful Content Management System there is. This is an affirmative. Probably this is what is making people jump on the bandwagon of ‘Joomla Mobile Websites’!

Joomla Development Helps You to Create Mobile Compatible Websites

The proof is the following statistics:

50% of local searches are performed by a phone.
By 2013, the majority online users will use their phone and not their computer.
60% of mobile users, who search a business, end up calling them.
Source: Internet

There are three major approaches to Mobile Websites, each more competent than the other.

The first approach is the Extension. Mobile friendly Joomla templates will enhance the ‘mobile friendly capability’ of a website. To install and configure the Extension, you simply need to download the component from the Joomla Extension Directory. The best part is that it is possible to configure phones, modules and homepages and many other parameters specifically as per the instrument for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and so on.

Another approach is making the use of commercial templates. The Joomla development community offers various commercial templates for you to integrate into your project and increase functionality. These templates are easy to set and simple to use. The use of templates is considered to be the easiest step towards Joomla mobile websites.

The third and final approach is taking the assistance of an experienced Joomla developer! You can hire a Joomla developer to help turn your website into a Joomla mobile website.

A Mobile friendly Joomla template has total control and flexibility over the build and layout of the mobile device it is intended to be opened on. Joomla Templates use HTML5 which directs the mobile browser to act and respond on the device. Thus the mobile browser does not resize the site, which would otherwise make it difficult to read the text or to use it!