Window Cleaning Tips

When the holiday season arrives, our cleaning project starts. When the visitors’ rush reach your home, you go hysterical with house cleaning and spend most of your time in making your home presentable. Also the kitchen will need it’s cleaning, as it’ll be the place where you prepare all the lovely dishes. And this is the time when the tough work of window cleaning starts. You don’t see the perfection even by climbing the ladders and cleaning your stained windows. With window cleaning, you are only blessed with three alternatives: first, to hire a professional logu tirisana services; second, to clean the window by yourself; and third, to install a self cleaning window. In order to keep your windows sparkling clean, make a habit to clean them more often than not.

Efforts are required to make your windows look clean and tidy. If you don’t want to waste your efforts, then the following tips might prove useful to you.

Applying home-made cleaning products or those brought from stores on windows are definitely worth trying. Many people also use products like alcohol and vinegar to remove the dirt from the windows. Most home-made cleaning solutions have 50:50 vinegar and water in them. This kind of solution gives best results when it comes to cleaning richly stained windows.

Combining acids with alkaline is a mistake when you prepare a home solution. As vinegar and ammonia neutralizes the effect and you get back to a square one. One should prefer cleaning the windows on a cloudy day as the sunlight dries up the solution really quick and many ugly streaks are left on your window which is not a pretty picture to watch.

Before you start with the work of window cleaning, always wipe off the dust first and then clean the window with a liquid solution as water and dust really make the situation messy, so cleaning the window becomes a tricky part. After you are done dusting the window, just use a cleaning hose and then start your work with a piece of cloth and the chemical solution.

Cleaning the window with a cloth or squeegee is a good option. A squeegee will help you in the cleaning part. After washing the window, a squeegee comes in pretty handy, but drying the blade of squeegee is necessary after every stroke. The best window cleaning tip for cleanliness freaks is cleaning the interior and exterior part of the window every time in different directions. Using vertical strokes on the exterior part and horizontal ones on the interior will enable you to trace the ugly streaks that spoil the appearance of your windows.

Using a newspaper is very common in the process of window cleaning as it is cheap. But when you use the newspaper on the wet glass, it disintegrates easily leaving its parts on the glass. That’s why a dry cotton towel must be used. But, if you do use newspapers, then make sure you are wearing gloves as the ink spreads, further spoiling your hard work. To give that extra sheen to your window glass, use a blackboard eraser. If there are stubborn deposits of paint or glue, wet the surface and scrap them. Follow these simple tips, and cleaning won’t be difficult anymore!

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