Protecting yourself from bad taxi service

Taking a Maxicab in Singapore can be tricky business but there are things you can do to protect yourself from shady cab drivers or companies. After all you are putting your life in the hands of the cab driver assuming he/she will get you to your destination safely. Below are some tips to help you out.

Research the MaxiCab company you are wanting to use. Most people when looking for a doctor or someone to do work on their house or even when looking for a hotel to stay in will check out the companies reputation first. The same should be true for taxi service. So take a few minutes to go and read their testimonials and reviews. Almost everywhere on the internet where businesses are list they have a place for public reviews.

Protect yourself in the cab. There are limited ways you can protect yourself while in the Maxicab taxi itself. Primarily from over charging cab drivers. you do this by first knowing the rates that the taxis charge which should always be posted outside the taxi and in some cases inside as well. Metered cabs are your best bet as the meters are set by state agencies. all meters should have a noticable seal protecting the meter from tampering by the driver.

Secondly know where you are going and what is the shortest distance there then insist that the driver take you in that direction. In the age of smart phones you can even follow your drivers progress with the GPS apps found in most phones. If the driver says he knows a short cut don’t always trust it. By either using GPS or having personal knowledge of where you are going you can prevent the driver from running you in circles just to pad his/her meter.

Sharing the Ride. Sharing the ride can save you money whether you and the person you are sharing with are going to the same location or different locations. However you do want to be sure that the meter is turned on and you and the one you are sharing the ride with are in agreement of what portion of the fare each is paying.

Reporting Incidents. If you feel that your driver acted inappropiately you can report that driver by first making note of important info like the cab company, drivers name and badge number, and the cab number. Reports can be made not only to the cab company whom you hope will take action. but also to the city in which they are running. Airport operations if it was an airport cab, The BBB, and any other organizations the cab company may be part of. Also on-line in the reviews for the company. The more people you tell will determine the likely hood something will be done to correct the problem. Leaving an on-line review will also warn others of your experience.

Too many people take bad cab service for granted as if it is just a natural part of the industry that they have no power or recourse to change it. But that is not true. You can make a difference and insist on quality service. You have to be a voice for change and in today’s open market and the ease of the internet Letting others know about your experiences is easier than ever.

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