How are you?

When you answer with the word “fine” when you are not fine means that you bottle up your emotions. This is okay if you are those who release your emotions in a constructive manner at another time. But there are others whose emotions get bottled up and is repressed, which then festers and builds until there is a breaking point. This is not good. When your emotions erupt when others have not expected it to, it makes others think that you have “lost it” because they did not know about the festering emotions since you always answered with the answer “fine”.

Try to live in a calm and peaceful environment as shown onĀ Healthy Body Healthy Mind. I know you have a job, family, relatives, friends and other responsibilities that all comes with stress. But try to minimize your stress. When you are at work, focus on work and when you are at home, do not worry about work; instead, focus on your family. Some couples make a pact to never go to bed angry so you can start each day fresh, but just remember that there may be nights when you go to bed late, very late. If there are some individuals that always seem to be “downers” and they drain your energy or make you feel depressed in return, try to limit your time with them or remove them from your life. That may sound harsh, but sometimes it is for the best.

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