Honda prepares a chaperone Bew compact SUV New Honda CR-V

Honda is developing a new SUV that has some advantages. Reportedly the car manufacturer is preparing a position Compact SUV will be under the New Honda CR-V. Planned to be introduced in 2014 to be a tough competitor for the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, BMW X3 and Toyota RAV4.

Many of the news circulated, Honda’s latest compact SUV has some similarities with the New Honda CR-V. But the class is still below the CR-V. look of the design and capabilities that will be owned not rule out almost like the Honda CR-V. Did not rule out all the technology used in the CR-V will also be used in this new compact SUV. especially if we look at the two photos that have been circulating sketches today as shown on

Autobild magazine published from Spain has two photographs showing sketches. His face was almost identical with New Honda CR-V with a shorter dimension. With a 5-passenger crossover will be a part of a new portfolio for Honda. Seeing that the compact SUV competition this time will be heating up with the presence of the sister of the New Honda CR-V.

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