Hawaii Restaurants and Cuisine

Maui restaurants have had a huge success over the years with famous chefs starring on t.v and chefs winning awards in magazines, but lets not forget other amazing restaurants in Oahu in the Waikiki area, that have been featured in cook books and magazines around the world for their exceptional flavors and award winning dishes. Kauai restaurants have also hit the lime light of recent years for their tasty dishes that tourist keep coming back for more. Big Island restaurants have always been an exceptional standard in five star dining with all kinds of different types of food from delicious seafood to the most authentic Italian food. Most people who come to Hawaii usually want simple tasty food often good food like Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, but in the evening there are lots of families and couples that want to sit in a beautiful restaurant with gorgeous views of a fabulous Hawaii sunset. Hawaii has so many spectacular restaurants with great locations that have front row seats to a spectacular tropical sunset with a nice breeze as you eat the freshest food in the world.

The best restaurants in Hawaii have been mentioned in many articles on the internet and on talk shows through the world. We pride ourselves for having the best food served on all Islands of Hawaii, so if you travel to Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Big Island, Molokai, Lanai, there will be food for all the family that will keep you coming back for more. Crave Menu has been put together by passionate foodies from different islands of Hawaii that simply love food and want to share the best tasting food with you. Healthy food in Hawaii has really taken off over the last ten years with farm to table dining serving many flavorful meals with the most appetizing flavors.

Hawaii is surrounds by organic farmland and beautiful crystal blue ocean water with fresh seafood at their doorstep, it no wonder Hawaii has won numerous awards for their cooking style.

You must try the scrumptious local Hawaiian foods before you leave the island, crave Menu has many local dishes to recommend to you. Hawaiian people love good food and they know how to celebrate with the best food and drinks we know you will love. The many cultures that have settled in Hawaii give you a superb choice of International cuisines. Hawaii has wonderful food choices and thriving communities like the Japanese community, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Tongan, with so many mouth watering flavors open seven days a week.
If you feel like staying in and relaxing in your hotel room, there are many restaurants that will gladly deliver food right to your front door, fast, fresh and served with the Aloha spirit.

The best restaurants in Wailea | Kaanapali | Kihei | Lahaina | Kapalua | Waikiki | Honolulu | Lihue | Princeville | Hilo | Hana | Lanai | Molokai, can now all be found in one online directory from our carefully assembled restaurant recommendations of the Hawaiian islands.

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