BulletProof Vest Introduction

Bulletproofs are created to protect the human body from shrapnel and bullets fired from guns.  This is protective gear that is mostly used by policemen, military personnel and other individuals that possess a very risky and dangerous job.

Kevlar and Spectra are the main components of bulletproof vests.  Inside the Kevlar bulletproof vests are weaved cloth that is made from Kevlan yarn.  The Spectra bulletproof vest, on the other hand, is composed of fibers, which are laid parallel to each other.  After which, by using a resin, the fibers will then be fastened together.

Bulletproof vests come in different categorizations and in ratings in which the way they were manufactured lies as the determining factor.  The ratings include IV, III-A, III, II-A, II and I.  The bulletproof vest that is rated IV is the heaviest and known as the best while I is the lightest and has the least protection and you can search for the Best Plate Carriers 2020 online.

Before your purchase a bulletproof vest of any rating, you always have to consider its authenticity because if you won’t, it’s useless to be wearing one.  You will know if a vest is authentic or not by checking out the label.  The label must contain the date of issuance, lot number, rating of the vest, name of the manufacturer, size, serial number, and vest model.

Before the manufactured bulletproof vests are brought to the market, there is one requirement that the vest have to accomplish and it is the testing process.  The test is done to ensure the safety of the vests.  This requirement, by the way, is set by the NIJ or the National Institute of Justice.  In order to pass the test, the bulletproof vests must be able to manage the shots fired at different angles.  Once the test is successfully completed, the vests may already then be lined up for registration, certification and reproduction.

If you are eyeing for a bulletproof vest that is rated I to III-A, you need to check if it has a provision informing you that it doesn’t have the capability to protect you from shrapnel and shots coming from rifles.  If there is no note like this on the bulletproof vest, then forget about it.

A lot of individuals think that bulletproof vests are highly noticeable and bulky, but there are actually models that are light and you can wear it unnoticed.  Some vests are also incorporated in jackets so nobody will notice that you’re wearing one.

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