Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Home buyers are most influenced by the appearance of two rooms when looking to buy a new home – the kitchen and the bathrooms. It’s for this very reason that bathroom remodeling has the second highest ROI of all the possible renovation projects you can do in a home. Bathroom remodeling costs in Lake Charles can range from as little as a few hundred dollars (for minor cosmetic touch-ups) to tens of thousands of dollars. The cost of your bathroom remodeling project will depend entirely upon the current state of your bathroom and your goals for the renovation as you can see from

Whether your engaged in a minor remodel or a grand overhaul, you’re likely to have two goals for the new bathroom: make it more beautiful while also improving its functionality. Here’s a list of the types of projects you can do to achieve both of these goals:

Flooring / Tile

Tiles in a bathroom makes a great impact with buyers — it’s elegant, easy to clean, and enhances the overall look of a bathroom. Since most bathrooms are fairly small, going with tile flooring over cheaper alternatives is an upgrade that packs a lot of punch. The incremental cost is minimal given the small amount of space the tile needs to cover — consider that a toilet, vanity, shower, and tub will all reduce the total amount of floor space the tile needs to cover. Choosing tile over linoleum is a decision that almost always pays off in the long-run.


More than the shower, tub, or toilet, the vanity is what sets the tone for a bathroom. In your bathroom remodeling project, make sure you choose an attractive and functional vanity — one that offers ample storage space while enhancing the overall beauty of the bathroom.

By shopping around, you’re likely to find a good deal on a vanity. Also, don’t discount the possibility of getting a floor model from a home improvement store — they tend to offer great discounts on these items.


You might not be in a position to completely replace your vanity — that’s okay. There’s another great alternative that works wonders for inexpensive bathroom remodeling projects: replacing the hardware. The right handles on your bathroom cabinetry can give an old, tired vanity new life.


Fixtures offer another inexpensive way to “breathe new life” into an old bathroom. Upgrading from the standard faucets can create a much more polished, elegant look. Swapping out the default shower head for a premium unit is also very appealing to buyers. Consider installing a rain shower head — while more expensive than other units, this shower head adds some real “wow factor” to a bathroom.


Adding additional storage space in a bathroom is a phenomenal investment. It seems like there’s never enough storage space in a bathroom, and by providing an attractive space to store towels and toiletries, you’ll help to set your bathroom apart from those in competing homes.

Tub or Shower

Know your market — in some areas of the world, bathtubs are very popular. In others, only showers are preferred. If you have the space (and the market supports it), consider installing a separate bathtub and shower in a single bathroom. In the United States, most newly built homes feature this configuration in a master bathroom, so if you’re updating your bathroom to compete with newer homes on the market, this type of renovation will help to level the playing field.

Whether you complete all of these bathroom remodeling suggestions or just a few, you’ll be well on your way to creating a more beautiful and functional bathroom. Additionally, you’ll be increasing the overall value of your home when you decide to sell.

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