The Right Fonts

Website designing is an intricate art that requires months and sometimes years of bonded labor with your laptop/computer to come up with that desired website. There are many variables which are involved in the designing of your perfect website; one of which is the website font. This is one aspect of web designing which is often ignored or thought of right in the final phase of web designing.

But those who ignore the importance of website font often end up ruing their mistake later when an overhauling of the same becomes imminent. The most relevant and the most appealing website font add to the overall customer experience on your website.

Choosing a font for your website may seem like a small process which could be put on the backburner to be considered at a later stage. But there are many factors which need to be considered before opting the final font for the website. It all depends on the kind of personality you want your website to portray to the people and the way it would be presented to the customers.

The Font Size?

Some facts which you should always consider before putting the ink on paper for your font size would be:

  • Don’t have a set font size – This because there would always be different kinds of content on your website, which would speak of various things and would be presented in different manners and tones. For this purpose, the font size on your website should be kept variable and should be flexible enough to accommodate various sizes. It also adds to the visual appeal of the website and in a way you are preventing the website to look/sound boring.
  • Consider the Viewer POV – What if a viewer who has a far worse eye-sight than yours, visits your website and is unable to view the set size font 12? Or the screen displays (DPI) for others might not be suited to display your size 12 font.
  • User Percentages – This is a great method of displaying content on your website as it would ensure that your content readily and easily adopts to the visitor’s browser font settings and thus becomes readable.
  • Content Importance – the variable size also shows the importance of the content on your website. Take the example of the H1, H2, H3 tags and the different font size awarded to them.

The Font Style?

So what kind of font style does your website deserve? Is it the average font style of an Arial or a Times New Roman or maybe even a Courier? Or the extravagant sorts like Bradley Hand or Chills? Or something like the cursed font – a popular Instagram font? What you need to know is that when you decide upon your font style, remember that the same font might not be installed on the visitors computer. So the ideal advice here would be to avoid using just one font style or ‘typeface and use a font family instead.

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